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Happy New Year, Psychic Predictions For 2018

Happy New Year, 2018! Since 2011 when I was writing at RightPundits, I started a tradition of beginning each year with psychic predictions. However, this past year was a busy one for me, especially the last couple of weeks. So, I plain forgot to contact the trio of psychics who would provide me with their readings. But fear not! One of them used his clairvoyant powers and knew that I would forget! Zarnack The Great, Master of the Tarot, came through with his psychic predictions for 2018. Emerging from the secret meditation room deep inside his private Pyramid of Enlightenment, Zarnack will reveal all for what he believes we are in store for this coming year. Buckle up your seat belts, we may be in for a bumpy ride!




Normally, Zarnack the Great provides us with a standard, Celtic Cross reading. However, this year he did an 8-card ′Life Cycle′ spread of the Tarot cards. Sometimes referred to as the ′Four Seasons′ spread. But do not let the ′seasons′ confuse you, as the cards represent the year as a whole. Nor do the meaning of each card follow any particular interpretation, as Zarnack explains that the Tarot ′talks′ to him. In many ways, the Tarot cards are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The picture may be incomplete, which is where Zarnack′s clairvoyant powers come in to fill in the gaps and connect all of the dots. So we go...!


The first card is the 3 of Cups inverted, or upside down. Normally, this card indicates intuition based on factors such as experience. Being inverted indicates that we are in uncharted waters. There is still much dangling in Cosmos before we can get a grip on the situation. But the second card clarifies this as it is the Ace of Wands. We have certainly entered an era of new ideas, new understanding. The old, conventional ways of looking at things as been displaced by a fresh way of thinking. This card heavily influences the next one, the King of Swords, inverted.


Here, again, this card usually denotes action, as strongly so. Sweeping powers of change and creativity. However, in its inverted condition, these actions are still in the planning phase. It may be a while, perhaps even next year, before we see the results of this card. The King often translates to Winter. The 4th card is the Prince of Wands, which Zarnack tells us is associated with the Summer. That the seeds of this paradigm shift in thinking from the Ace of Wands have been planted and will begin to grow and flourish. He definitely believes that this is a positive change, a new optimism, a new spirit that well spread quickly through the nation, perhaps the world. It also will influence the 5th card, the Queen of Pentacles.


The Queen is a Spring card and Pentacles usually deals with the physical world, especially health and wealth. In many Tarot decks, Pentacles are referred to as ′coin′ cards. Influenced by the rapid growth of the new thinking, it is easy to see that 2018 will be a year of financial growth and opportunity. If you thought the stock markets and GDP were good in 2017, just hang on to your hats! Zarnack is predicting a wild, but happy ride! The next card is the 2 of Wands. The new era of thinking will definitely become obvious and well defined. Sort of a realization that ″all boats move in the same direction″. Zarnack sees this as America becoming more unified. That as we keep ′winning′ and improving, the momentum will carry even the most doubting with it. This card influences the next, the 6 of Pentacles.


This is a ′party′ card! Let the good times roll! Prosperity and good fortune set the tone. Now, Zarnack does caution us that some may over indulge. Too much of a good thing may not be appreciated. However, under the influence of the 2 of Wands, we should be okay. The Final Card in the spread is the 5 of Wands, inverted. Here we have the forces of doubt and division rearing their ugly heads. Attempts to place obstacles, even injustice before us. Zarnack specifically interprets this as being connected with the 2018 mid-term elections. No matter how good things are, the Democratic Party and their allies in The Media will do their best to spoil the fun. So, if you thought that the 2016 elections were nasty, you will see a whole new level of lies and slander is coming Fall.


Zarnack the Great, Master of the Tarot, believes that the mid-term elections, while nasty and extremely mean spirited, will end well for America and the Trump administration. That the good times from the Spring and Summer will make the job of the Nay-Sayers very difficult. Despite their efforts, the Democrats and The Media will fail to usurp power. He also predicts that when all is said and done, the GOP will be in much better shape for 2019 to finish the job of fulfilling the Trump Agenda. That is what our psychic predictions for 2018 foretell.


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