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Hawaii False Missile Alert

CNN and MSNBC briefly interrupted their non-stop, anti-Trump bilge on Saturday when some actual news happened! The state government of Hawaii issued a false missile alert. Around 8:05am Hawaii-Time, a routine drill took place after a shift change at the state′s emergency management center. At 8:07am, somebody accidentally pushed a button, twice, sending an inbound missile alert to the island′s 1.3 million residents and thousands of tourists. Within a few minutes, officials began the process of reporting that it was a false alarm. However, it took some 38 minutes before the correction was issued everywhere.




Early warning sirens sounded, as well as TV interruptions and automated text messages. Many residents scrambled to seek shelter. Panic ensued, especially at hospitals and resort hotels. Despite state officials working on missile threat plans since last November, as tensions with North Korea heated, few citizens knew what to do. The official emergency plan from the state government is to basically get yourself indoors and hide! Some people started grabbing whatever they could and headed for basements. Others made goodbye phone calls to loved ones.


Naturally, after things calmed down, the Fake News Media returned to their non-stop, anti-Trump bilge, blaming President Trump for the Hawaii false missile alert. An investigation into how the screw-up happened has been announced. The simple answer is that what else can one expect from a government run by the Democratic Party? I suspect that there will be a sudden surge of doomsday prepper supplies and equipment being bought by residents. This may be a good mistake in the long run as now even Liberals have realized that they cannot depend on government for any real help.


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