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Hillary Clinton Paid For FISA Warrant

The evidence is growing that the Hillary Clinton campaign, along with the Democratic National Committee, or DNC, paid for the dossier which was used to obtain a FISA warrant against Donald Trump. While the warrant specified Carter Page as the primary suspect of the FBI FISA request, Page had already left the Trump campaign by the time the FISA court approved the surveillance request. Yet, the FBI began accumulating information on many members of the Trump campaign, including Jeff Sessions and Michael Flynn. The latest memo released by Senators Charles Grassley and Lindsey Graham shows more signs of involvement by those inside the Hillary Clinton circle, such as Sidney Blumenthal. The dirt they were peddling to some in the State Department and The Media eventually wound up in the Christopher Steele dossier, used to get the FISA warrant.




This new memo backs up the one from the House Intelligence Committee released last. The Steele dossier, paid for by Hillary and the DNC through Perkins and Coie and then Fusion GPS, is shown to be extremely important in convincing a FISA court, or FISC, judge to issue a surveillance warrant. The Grassley-Graham memo also shows that top officials in the FBI and DOJ lied to the FISC judge and that Steele, himself may have lied to the FBI. The dossier used in this warrant request was unverified and full of untruths, none of which have ever been confirmed. Yet, the FBI and DOJ presented the dossier as solid intelligence from a credible source to the FISC judge. This puts those FBI and DOJ officials in legal jeopardy for misleading the FISC judge.


All of this boils down to several salient facts. There was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. Nor was Carter Page an agent for the Russians. However, there was collusion between the Hillary Clinton campaign with foreign nationals, including some Russians indirectly through Steele. Also, that the Hillary Clinton campaign was the initial source for the dishonest dirt which led to the dossier from Fusion GPS and Steele. That they had floated a 4-page dossier of their own prior to the later dossier, which included material from the first.


We also have today some other related goodies. First, more text messages from the two FBI love birds, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. These continue to reinforce the narrative that both were bound and determined to help Hillary Clinton and frame President Trump with phony charges. Thanks to the Daily Mail UK newspaper, we also have a fun story about Little Adam Schiff. Seems that he got pranked last April by two Russian comics claiming to have naked pictures of Donald Trump with a Russian spy-gal. During an 8-minute long, recorded phone conversation, Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexei Stolyarov posed as government officials with access to information Vladimir Putin intended to use to blackmail President Trump with. Schiff was eager to get his hands on the material. Later, Schiff claims he knew it was a prank call, however, the Daily Mail has copies of emails from Schiff′s staff trying to arrange for delivery of the photos and documents.


The bottom line for all of this is that Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, and allies in The Media, the FBI, DOJ and other government agencies are willing to do anything to sabotage President Donald Trump and his administration. Even to the point of creating a Constitutional crisis and dragging the entire nation through the muck of lies and innuendo. They appear to not even care if they have to break federal laws to do so. I can only hope that as more information comes out, a day of reckoning takes place where some, if not all, of those involved in this massive deception are brought to justice and tossed in prison.


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