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Hysteria Over Helsinki Summit

Andrew Zarowny, 7/17/2018


At the Helsinki Summit of 2018 in Finland, the American news media reached a new low. Despite serious issues like the civil war in Syria, radical Islamic terrorism and nuclear proliferation, matters causing thousands of deaths and potentially millions in the future, what did the Fake News Media focus on? Russian meddling in our elections. At the joint press conference with President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, the two Western ″journalists″ asked idiotic questions. The guy from the Associated Press was the worst, bugging Putin with a question about whether he was blackmailing President Trump with damning, personal secrets? Putin nearly laughed out loud at that one! But then he realized just how stupid the reporter was.




By contrast, the Russian reporters from Interfax and RT asked good questions about the matters of the Baltic natural gas pipeline and US-Russian cooperation in humanitarian relief in Syria. The fixation with the 2016 elections by the Fake News Media shows just how insane and biased they are. Their hysteria over the outcome will never be satisfied. Therefore, they have lost all credibility. It is hard to imagine if the news media will ever be objective again.


Sure, the Russian meddled a bit. What they did was the equivalent of a bogus ordering a bunch a pizzas. Even those who are investigating the matter admit that it had no impact on the outcome. On the other hand, we had actual collusion by the Hillary Clinton campaign with foreign nationals, including the Russians! We also had meddling by the Barack Obama administration. A new text message between Lisa Page and her boss, Andrew McCabe, dated October 22, 2016, mentions a briefing with the White House lawyer about the ongoing ″insurance plan″ to frame Candidate Donald Trump with phoney crimes.


Reaction from the Media, their pundits, Democrats and RINO Republicans has been extreme. Some have even called for a ″shadow government″ to run the country, or a military coup to oust President Trump. Such talk is nothing else but sedition, a ″high crime″ that equals treason! Luckily for these morons, they live in America governed by President Donald Trump. If they were doing this in Russia, Putin would have them all arrested and locked up. Even Obama would sick the IRS, FBI and DOJ on them, just has he did to dozens of journalists and others, like Tea Party groups for far less criticism.


My favorite part of the Helsinki Summit press conference was when Putin fought back against the American Fake News Media. His attack on George Soros was priceless, as was Putin′s offer to Robert Mueller to come to Moscow and interview the Russians Mueller recently indicted. I also enjoyed President Trump bringing up the failure of the FBI to secure and examine the DNC and Clinton campaign computer servers, as well as raising the subject the Awan brothers, the Pakistanis whom were hired by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to run the IT services for the Democrats. They had ties to Pakistan′s intelligence agency, who were rather ticked off when Barack Obama violated their sovereignty. We know they hacked dozens of Democratic Congress members. Maybe they were behind the email leaks?


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