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Ingratitude, Thy Name Is LaVar Ball

Here is an interesting development over the weekend. Seems that LaVar Ball, father of UCLA basketball player LiAngelo Ball, is rather ungrateful of President Donald Trump. LiAngelo, along with two other UCLA players, were arrested in China recently for shoplifting. The three college athletes faced years in a Chinese prison, as the power and sympathy of UCLA alumni carry little influence there. The same is true of other organizations, like Black Lives Matter or the ACLU. However, President Trump chatted with Chinese President Xi Jinping about the situation. Shortly after the conversation, the three UCLA players were released from jail and allowed to return to the United States.




Upon their return, the three college athletes issued a public apology during a press conference, and thanked President Donald Trump for securing their release. But, within a matter of a day or so, one of the players′ parents, LaVar Ball, showed his ingratitude by claiming that President Trump had nothing to do with the release of his son and the other two players. Ball claims that the shoplifting incident was no big deal and that the student athletes would have been released anyway. Oh really?


Sure, stealing a pair of designer sunglasses from a store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills probably would not have even resulted in any police involvement. The store management would not have wanted any publicity in fear of reprisals by the NAACP, Black Lives Matter or the UCLA Alumni. Even had they been arrested and charged, there is enough UCLA Alumni within the strata of California′s judicial system to squash any punishment.


We see this all the time in the world of sports, especially college sports. Just recall the many headlines about college athletes getting arrested for drunk driving, vehicular manslaughter, rape, or even murder! Much of the time these college criminals get off with hardly a slap on the wrist. This is especially true for players in more popular team sports like football, baseball and basketball, where multimillion dollar careers in professional sports await them. Of course, if you are White and play some obscure sport, like lacrosse, then you could still get crucified for just spitting on a lawn.


As for LaVar Ball, apparently he has no idea what life is like in the rest of the world. That there are places which actually punish criminals, even for what Ball may consider to be minor infractions. There are countries which still hack off the hand of a thief. Which beat an offender with a cane in public just for littering. In some countries, even chewing gum is a crime which could land you in prison for years. Criminal justice in China is rather swift and harsh. These three UCLA students were facing some serious time, perhaps several years in prison, had President Trump not intervened on their behalf.


No, these three pampered bozos owe a lot to President Donald Trump. Keep in mind that most of our State Department personnel are still hold overs from the Obama administration, which did very little to help American citizens in legal jeopardy in foreign lands. They didn’t raise a finger to help a former Marine arrested in Mexico, imprisoned for over a year just because he made a wrong turn while driving near the border. My guess is that LaVar Ball was getting flak from his Liberal buddies in the SoCal sports community. I don′t blame President Trump for posting the tweet he did on Twitter in response to Ball′s ingratitude. I call on all ′Deplorables′ to boycott Ball′s Big Baller Brand product line and to burn any products they may already own, posting such on social media. Maybe that will teach Mr. Ball a lesson in gratitude!


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