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Inspector General Report On FBI, DOJ Completed

The Department of Justice Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, has completed his report on how the DOJ and FBI handled the Hillary Clinton email investigation. A draft was submitted to officials from both agencies for review and to determine if there are any classified passages which need to be redacted. Horowitz also notified Congress that the report has been completed. But do not look for it to be released to the public any time soon. Some experts say it could be 3 to 4 weeks, possibly longer, before the draft report is ready for wide distribution. However, we are already learning something about what the report says, and it is not good for either the FBI or the DOJ.




Some news agencies are reporting that sources in the know are saying that the IG report claims that laws were broken and power was abused by both the FBI and the DOJ. That the investigation into the Hillary Clinton private email server use and her mishandling of classified material was deliberately botched. There may even be some criminal referrals listed for some of the top-ranking officials of our nation′s premier law enforcement agencies.


This could be very bad news for the likes of James Comey. As the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations during the time of the Clinton email probe, he bares much responsibility. As did former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and fired Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. Many other agents and officials from both the FBI and DOJ may also be named for their roles. Comey faces several potential legal problems, from overseeing white-washes and cover-ups to exceeding his authority when he exonerated Hillary Clinton from prosecution.


There is little doubt that Hillary Clinton broke several federal statutes on using a private email server to transmit classified material, along with the deletion of records, the destruction of government property and lying to both investigators and to Congress. If you added up the sentencing for each individual act of criminality, she would probably be facing a minimum of some 2,000 years in prison. Even if you just narrowed it down to the more serious charges, we are still talking of over 100 years behind bars.


But, James Comey let her walk away scott free. It was not his decision to make that call. That should have been determined by a prosecuting attorney from the Justice Department. Even if Loretta Lynch recused herself, somebody else at the DOJ should have made the decision on whether or not to prosecute Hillary Clinton. Then we have the matter of the way Comey allowed the whole investigation to be carried out. The DOJ also bares much responsibility on this, as they would have been the ones to authorize the immunities given to many of the witnesses and subjects of the probe. There seems little doubt that ′The Fix′ was in from the very beginning to not charge Hillary Clinton, nor any of her staff, with any crimes.


So, we must again be patient as the wheels of justice slowly turn. But, at least the Inspector General report is now completed, freeing Michael Horowitz to focus on his new project, investigating the Russian collusion case and how the Deep State have been trying to derail President Donald Trump, his election campaign and his administration. That will probably take about a year or so, but it will be worth it if we wind up with the Deep State locked up behind bars.


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