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Iranian Protests Death Toll Rises

Iran′s state controlled TV is reporting that at least another 11 people were killed overnight. This brings the death toll in the Iranian protests to at least 13, with some saying the number is 21 or more. For the sixth day, some 500,000 Iranian citizens took to the streets across some 40 cities. They are protesting against the corrupt regime which has mismanaged the economy and oppressed millions. The price of basic commodities and food have sky-rocketed as unemployment and inflation increase. Many women are now using these protests to focus attention on their plight under the harsh theocracy.




The Iranian government is trying to crack down on the protesters. Violent clashes with police and military forces have been reported across Iran. The regime is also trying to suppress the Internet and various social media sites and apps. To cut off access both into and out of Iran. The government is blaming foreign intervention, including comments by President Donald Trump, for the unrest. Unlike during the 2009 ′Green Revolution′, the Trump administration has been very vocal in supporting protesters. So much so that former Obama staffers, like Susan Rice and Samantha Powers have taken to Twitter in criticizing President Trump and his team.


Despite the actions by the Iranian government, the protests have increased in size and fury. People are mad about how the regime is spending money to support foreign terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbolah, as well as supporting the Assad regime in Syria and rebels in Yemen. The cost of Iran′s nuclear and military programs are also an issue. Meanwhile, the price of chicken has risen some 40% in recent months. Iran′s economy is suffering from inflation and high unemployment. The $150 Billion dollars in cash forked over by the Obama administration as part of the Iran nuclear deal has not helped the general population. Many suspect that much of the money has been ripped off by high-ranking government officials and members of Iran′s religious leadership.


The Trump administration is crafting a response to support the protesters and assist in bringing about a moderate alternative to Iran′s theocracy. Additional sanctions are being looked at. But for now, moral support from President Trump by way of social media seems to be doing the job. There are already signs of cracks within Iran′s government over how to proceed. Much of the protesters′ ire is focused more on the religious leaders more so than the civilian, elected officials. The next few days could see things reaching a tipping point, where the people of Iran gain the upper hand. One good push could topple the theocracy once and for all!


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