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James Comey 245 Memory Lapses

by Andrew Zarowny, 12/11/2018


How stupid is James Comey? During his testifying on Capitol Hill Friday, he suffered some 245 memory lapses. Perhaps even more than 300! He seems to have forgotten just about everything that happened during 2016 and 2017. Maybe even much of 2015, too! Comey recalls very little about the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Likewise how the Trump-Russia probe got started. Yet, for some strange reason, James Comey will make another appearance before Congress in 2 weeks. Why bother?




About 1,000 questions were put to Comey last Friday. Many he was prevented to answer by a DOJ lawyer assigned to appear with Comey by Rod Rosenstein. Add to that those questions to which he has forgotten the answers to and we get an end result of a huge waste of time. Not that I expected much. Comey′s selective amnesia is a common ailment suffered by those who live too long inside The Beltway.


Perhaps this explains why James Comey had to write memos to himself about his private meetings with President Donald Trump? Meetings where Comey was so observant that he noticed how Trump′s hands were not remarkably small or how Trump′s necktie was too long, in Comey′s humble opinion. James Comey is a really, genuine dolt! A moron, a buffoon! He may go down as ″the pill of the century″!


Congress should forget their subpoena on Comey and not waste their time questioning him. Leave that to a grand jury where Comey will not have any lawyers with him to hold his hand and tongue. If any prosecutor were to actually be assigned to pursue felony charges against Comey for lying to Congress and leaking to the press, it would be the easiest conviction in history!


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