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James Comey Lied About Weiner Laptop

by Andrew Zarowny, 8/25/2018


James Comey lied to Congress, and to the American People, about the FBI examination of the laptop computer shared by Huma Abedin and her husband, Anthony Weiner. The laptop was seized by authorities as part of a criminal probe into Weiner soliciting sex from a teenage, minor girl over the Internet. Initial reports were that there were some 20,000 to 40,000 emails to and from Hillary Clinton stored in the laptop. Just before the 2016 election, news of the laptop broke and former FBI Director James Comey promised that the laptop would be thoroughly examined using a new software tool. Within a few days, Comey declared that while some classified material was found, there was nothing new gleaned from the search, once again exonerating Hillary Clinton.



All of this was a big, fat lie! Two months, investigator Sidney Powell, author of ″License To Lie″, broke the news that the laptop′s email contents were not thoroughly examined. That the so-called software tool had failed due to a technical glitch. This week, Peter Sperry of Real Clear Investigations provided more details. There were some 694,000 emails to and from Hillary Clinton stored on the Abedin-Weiner laptop. Former FBI agent Peter Strzok hand-picked some 3,077 emails for some 200 FBI agents to review as part of the investigation in late October, 2016. Those were chosen as they did not add any new information about Hillary Clinton wrong-doing.

Testifying before Congress, James Comey, then still Director of the FBI, declared that the FBI had ″reviewed all communications″. That, ″thanks to the wizardry of our technology″, the emails on the laptop were just duplicates of those seen before during the investigation of the private email server. Comey even lied about the amount of time spent during the examination of the laptop, saying, ″night after night after night″. The truth is that the FBI barely spent 12 hours on the effort.


During the original probe into the private email server, the Hillary Clinton campaign claimed that only about half to those on her server, about 32,000, were work related during her time as Secretary of State. That the rest were private, mostly about things like yoga classes and Chelsea Clinton′s wedding plans. Candidate Donald Trump joked about maybe Russia could find those 30-some thousand missing emails. That joke is what launched the whole Trump-Russia probe now being carried out by Robert Mueller and his team of 17 ″angry Democrats″.


These new revelations fortify the position that the entire Clinton email probe was a sham! That James Comey of the FBI and Loretta Lynch of the DOJ never had any intention of doing a proper job. That they never intended to pursue any criminal investigation despite the fact that thousands of classified documents were mishandled by Hillary Clinton and her staff at the State Department, including over two hundred SECRET and a dozen TOP SECRET documents. That these were a gross violation of the Espionage Act and that Barack Obama had known all about it long before the story broke in public since he had sent and received emails from Hillary through her private server.


Peter Strzok had learned from the FBI station in New York City bout the laptop a month before the story went public. He was busy at that time ramping up the Trump-Russia probe and chose to delay notifying his superiors about the laptop. Not that they would have cared since they had already shown their colors during the original email server probe on Hillary Clinton. By late September, 2016, they were committed to helping Hillary stay in the presidential race, which they all expected her to win. However, when Donald Trump won the election, it then became apparent that they had to act fast to stop any possible revelation as to the scope and nature of their biased, and illegal activities.


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