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Judge Rebukes Mueller Probe On Manafort Case

As White House Ghetto reporter April Ryan might say, Judge T.S. Ellis III went ′street′ all over Robert Mueller and his team of prosecutors. The senior U.S. district court judge of the Eastern District of Virginia, Thomas Selby Ellis III is overseeing the Paul Manafort case. Manafort′s defense team is trying to get the some or all of the 18-count indictment tossed out. The way things are going, Manafort may be a very free man soon. The Mueller Probe team has just two weeks to cough up an unredacted copy of the ′Scope Memo′ Rod Rosenstein issued to Mueller. Judge Ellis already seems to believe that the scope memo is a legal joke not worth the paper its printed on.




What set this off was the discovery by Judge Ellis that some of the so-called evidence used in the 18-count indictment against Manafort came from an earlier DOJ investigation of the very same criminal allegations back in 2005. At that time, the DOJ prosecutors didn′t think it was worth the trouble to pursue a criminal case against Manafort. The alleged money laundering and wire fraud would be hard to prove and the incomplete FARA paperwork registering Manafort as a lobbyist for foreign interests was, at worst, a minor crime with fines of maybe $25,000 to $100,000.


So, Judge Ellis tore into Mueller′s lead attorney on the case, the notorious Andrew Weissmann. The Judge proclaimed that from his way of looking at this, it seems to him that the Mueller probe doesn′t care at all about what Paul Manafort may have done. They are just using Manafort, hoping to flip him into giving them something about President Trump. The Judge also appeared rather irritated that the Mueller team had tread so far a field from investigating Russian intelligence operations to be bothering with some 13-year old case of bad paperwork. At one point, Judge Ellis exclaimed, ″C′mon Man!″, annoyed by the deliberate lying by Mueller′s team and their flagrant abuse of power.


Now, this is the third article in a row I have written about Robert Mueller starting on Thursday. As I suspected and predicted long ago, events and The Truth would eventually overtake the Mueller Probe and the whole Deep State plot to oust President Trump from office. Just in the last few days, more and more is being exposed and learned, tearing huge holes in Robert Mueller′s investigations and the Russian collusion story. As well as the flimsy case of obstruction of justice.


Let us go back and review how this all got started. James Comey had little choice but to investigate Hillary Clinton and her use of a private email server. That investigation, along with another on the Clinton charity foundation, were deliberately bungled because Barack Obama would never allow such cases to be prosecuted. Comey acted as he did to save his job, knowing full well that had Hillary been elected, he would be fired no later than January 21st, 2017. Comey allowed the Trump-Russia probe to start as insurance in the event that Trump was elected.


Comey played the stooge for James Clapper on January 5th, 2017, and briefed President-Elect Trump about the Christopher Steele dossier. It made sense to Comey to appear to be nice to Trump, and started keeping memos of his meetings and phone calls for job security. Only after Comey was fired, after a memo of why Comey should be fired was written by Rod Rosenstein, did Comey start to panic. This got worse after Comey announced his book deal, which led to the Trump tweet about possible tape recordings Comey claims he woke up at 11pm Monday morning in fear of such tapes. That is when he turned over copies of his memos to his buddy to leak to the press. Comey said that he hoped the memos would get a special prosecutor appointed, because only such a character have the power to get those tapes.


Here we are, a year later. There never were any tapes of meetings with Trump. There never was any collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. Nor with any Russians, period! There was no obstruction of justice as the firing of James Comey was well within the Article 2 powers of the President, and was supported by plenty of examples of abuse and misuse of power, some of which were detailed in the Rosenstein memo. This all begs the question, what the hell is Robert Mueller investigating and why? It sure seems like Judge T.S. Ellis III has figured out that Mueller is on a witch hunt for President Trump. If Judge Ellis tosses out the entire case against Paul Manafort in the next 2 weeks, Mueller and his team cannot survive such an event. They will have to return to the private sector, shamed and soiled.


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