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Latest On FISA Abuse Memo Release

Reuters is reporting that the White House may release the FISA abuse memo sometime today. The rumor is that President Donald Trump had yet to read the memo as of yesterday. His Chief of Staff, John Kelly, told Brian Kilmede of Fox News that he, himself, had read it during a radio interview Wednesday. Apparently, several White House lawyers and some national security types are reviewing the 4-page document. Technically, President Trump has 5 days before needing to decide. Some believe this gives us a deadline on Saturday, or even next week Monday. The idea of waiting so that the State of the Union address may remain in the headlines seems to be a mute point. The Fake News Media has already moved on.



The latest stories being pursued are back again on the Mueller probe. One is on how Hope Hicks, a long-time Trump employee, may have obstructed justice in regards to some emails exchanged between Don Jr and some people claiming to have dirt on Hillary Clinton before the infamous Russia meeting at Trump Towers in the summer of 2016. That Hicks may have suggested that the emails be deleted. Others who were attending Candidate Donald Trump during a phone call with Don Jr. say the subject of deleting any emails never came up. They never were, as Don Jr. released them all on his own accord.


The Media is also busy trying to sideline the whole FBI corruption matter. A story on how it was Agent Peter Strzok who wrote the announcement for Andrew McCabe and James Comey that the Hillary email probe was being reopened due to the Anthony Weiner laptop. This follows an earlier report yesterday that McCabe had been informed by the New York FBI office that the NYPD was about to go public some 3 weeks prior to the reopening. McCabe sat on the news, hoping to not reopen the probe until after the November election. We know now that Comey and McCabe misled Congress, and the American people, by saying there was nothing new on the laptop. Indeed, there were at least 2,000 more classified emails on the laptop, often used by Huma Abedin when her husband was not busy soliciting sex from young girls.


One has to wonder if Strzok also helped write the announcement downplaying the laptop problem? Just as he did in downplaying the private email server of Hillary Clinton in the Comey speech. The Media is also trying to make hay out of another fake news story about how President Trump questioned the loyalty of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. But, neither Rosenstein nor others at the meeting last December in the White House are confirming this.


What we are learning, again thanks to Judicial Watch, is that the FBI abuse of surveillance is not solely against President Trump. Other American citizens are being denied their 1st and 4th Amendment rights. Judicial Watch reports that whistle blowers are telling the Justice Department Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, about flagrant abuses in El Paso, Texas. Perhaps other places as well. The stink from the FBI top management, as well as some top DOJ officials, seems to be thicker and wider than just what the FISA abuse memo covers. This would probably explain why the FBI is so hell bent on stopping the memo from being released to the public.


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