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Liberals Shade Independence Day

by Andrew Zarowny, 7/5/2018


July 4th, 2018 was not a happy one for the Democratic Party nor their Liberal allies. The DNC issued a statement about how are ″fundamental values″ are under attack by the Trump administration. In truth, the DNC and the Obama administration spent 8 years attacking our values as a nation, turning tragedy into a sport. The Hollywood elites also were busy yesterday, tweeting apologies to the rest of the world for our bad behavior. Idiot protesters worked overtime demonstrating their hatred for America. Even Facebook got in on the action, censoring a song about honoring our national symbol, the American Flag! I wonder what sort of reaction they would have if the movie, ″Yankee Doodle Dandy″ had been released today?




If its Independence Day, you can bet the farm that TCM, the Turner Classic Movie channel, will air the James Cagney homage to George M. Cohan. I′ve seen it dozens of times, probably nearly a hundred times, and I still love it! Cohan was born on the Fourth of July, and, I might add, a life-long Democrat. There is even a scene of him as a child riding a donkey in a parade to make the point. The film starts with Cohan invited to the White House by FDR to receive a medal. FDR comments how much he respects the Irish Americans for ″wearing their love of country on their sleeve″. What sort of trouble would they get into today doing that?


Cohan had many critics. Theater snobs called his plays and music vulgar. They were disgusted with the displays of patriotism. Songs like ″Grand Old Flag″, ″Yankee Doodle Dandy″ and ″Over There″ were not appreciated by such Elitists. As we can see, that attitude has not changed. If any, their hatred for such ideas, such passions, are even worse.


Today′s Liberals literally have to prove their hatred for American ideals and values daily it seems. They cannot take even just one day off to focus on the good that America has brought to the world. They proved that yesterday, throwing plenty of shade at America on the 4th of July, our Independence Day. A day which is historically about self government, equality and individual freedom. Liberals hate these concepts. They want a strong, oppressive government that pushes its citizens around. That some are more equal, more privileged, than others. Individual, ordinary citizens are just mere buffoons whom must be controlled and regulated for their own good by the Nanny State.


Lucky for George M. Cohan that he was born during the Horatio Alger Era, when the American Dream, the American Story, really took shape. Many people, including Cohan, went from rags to riches thanks to a passionate work ethic and unstoppable drive. Of course, today you can still do the same, especially now since President Donald J. Trump is doing his best to remove government obstacles. Cutting taxes, slashing regulations, and instilling a fresh dose of optimism to America′s citizens. Even haters like Michael Moore are doing better thanks to President Trump! Would you think some might be a little bit grateful?


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