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Macron v Trump, Patroitism v Nationalism

by Andrew Zarowny, 11/14/2018


French President Emanuel Macron took a swipe at President Donald J. Trump on Sunday during the Armistice Centenary event. Macron played host to the 100th anniversary of the ending of World War One in Paris. Some 70 national leaders attended. During his speech, Macron claimed that nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism, as if they were polar opposites. In reality, there is hardly a dime′s bit of difference. Patriotism is a love for one′s own country and Nationalism is a desire, or hope, that one′s own country is successful.




I suppose I would not be much of a ′Nationalist Pundit′ if I did not address this issue. Every since President Trump told an audience at one his his MAGA rallies that he was a Nationalist, the word has been getting a bad definition by the Fake News Media. They keep equating it with National Socialism and try painting President Trump as some sort of White supremacist, fascist. In truth, President Trump is, like me, a Nationalist-Capitalist. Pretty much the polar opposite of a Nazi. If anything, Progressive-Liberals have far more in common with fascists.


The actual opposite of Nationalism is Globalism. Globalism is when one places more hope on multinational entities to do right or be successful than their own particular country. Macron made it very clear this past weekend that he is putting much hope on the European Union. Even to the point of seemingly wanting to scrap NATO in favor of an EU military force. President Trump tweeted that Macron took his swipes because Macron is having a rough time governing France. Macron′s popularity is very low, about 26% in the latest polls. France has 10% unemployment as their economy continues to crawl along. Macron is not meeting his NATO obligations of 2% GDP spent on defense. If Macron isn′t willing to ante up for NATO, who will believe he will do so for an EU army?


What is perhaps even more hypocritical is Macron using the Armistice Centenary as a stage for this assault on American Nationalism. After all, it was largely French Nationalism which caused World War One. France was itching for a war to get even with Germany in revenge for losing the Franco-Prussian War in 1871. France got its butt kicked and lost some territory, plus had to pay a ransom to get captured countrymen back. This bankrupted France and brought down the government of Napoleon III. As tensions mounted between Serbia and the Austrio-Hungarian Empire in 1914, France pushed heavily for Russia and England to support Serbia. They knew full well that if Russia got involved, Germany would enter the war to support the Hapsburgs. Czar Nicholas II was not too keen on going to war against his cousin, Germany′s Kaiser Wilhelm, both related as grandchildren of Britain′s Queen Victoria.


So, one could say that Macron had a lot of gall, or maybe Gaul, in his chiding President Trump about Nationalism. France is still having problems with its own form of Nationalism these days, largely due to the crisis caused by the influx of so many immigrants from across the Mediterranean. Along with the French economy doing so poorly, Macron faces much domestic political opposition. I doubt if taking on President Trump will do Macron much good in relieving him of his won problems.


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