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Mad Bomber On The Loose

by Andrew Zarowny, 10/25/2018


A mad bomber is on the loose, sending at least 8 mail package devices to prominent Democrats and Liberal supporters. The first was discovered early Monday morning at the New York estate of billionaire George Soros. The latest was found this morning at the restaurant and business offices of actor Robert De Niro. Others were sent to Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, Eric Holder and Maxine Waters. One was sent to former CIA Director John Brennan in care of CNN, causing the Time Warner Building in NY City to be evacuated. President Donald Trump has condemned these acts and has vowed that the full weight and power of the federal government will hunt down those responsible.




The packages consist of a manila envelop with too many stamps and a return address for the Florida offices of Congresswoman Debbie Wassermann Schultz, misspelled as just Shultz. Inside is what appears to be a pipe bomb constructed from plastic PVC material. Some sort of battery is taped onto the device which is loaded with a dark powder and glass shards. One report claims that no detonator has been found in any of the devices, leading some to suspect that the intent here may be to only scare, not injure.


Many in The Media are blaming President Trump because of his rhetoric. On MSNBC, so-called historian Jon Meacham claims that this is the worst case of political violence since the assassination of Abraham Lincoln! He then rattled off other acts of political violence from the distant past, never once mentioning the attempted murder of over a dozen Republican congressmen last year by a Bernie Sanders supporter. Over the past 2 years, some 690 attacks against Republican officials and supporters have taken place, many involving physical violence and resulting in injury.


Given all of the surveillance cameras in New York City, and other methods, the odds are that whoever is behind these mail bombs will be caught quickly. There are concerns that more packages will be discovered in the coming days. All of the targets are critics of President Trump and some have even encouraged the recent displays of mob violence by Far Left loons. I, personally, have never advocated for political violence of any kind, rather to oppose tyranny economically. To deny the expense of tyranny by withdrawing from the fiat-currency merry-go-round, living simply, earning less and paying fewer taxes that feed The Beast.


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