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Marijuana Legal In Michigan Today

by Andrew Zarowny, 12/6/2018


Glory Hallelujah! Today, December 6, 2018, the recreational use of marijuana by adults is legal in the State of Michigan. If you are 21 years of age or older, you may ′light up′ pretty much anywhere it is legal to smoke tobacco, except for on federal property. I can now die a happy man! Not only is Donald J. Trump the President of the United States of America, but weed is legal in Michigan. Of course, there are a few problems...




First, the State of Michigan says that it may take up to TWO YEARS before a system is in place to sell marijuana to the general public. Mind you, medical marijuana has been legal in Michigan for many years and there are already dispensaries for selling established. It is beyond me why the bureaucratic idiots not simply expand upon that base? They are already known to the government with permits and such.


Secondly, this will still be largely a cash business. Since marijuana is still a controlled substance according to our federal government, one cannot use checks or credit cards to buy. The banks are not allowed to process such transactions. As a Capitalist, I see this as a major stumbling block for the entire marijuana industry. As a Nationalist Capitalist, I see this as a major stumbling block for America to dominate the world′s weed market!


This is a big deal, as the United States is a leader in agriculture worldwide. American tobacco is by far the most desired across the globe. There is no reason why we cannot dominate the global marijuana market as well. We could probably slash our trade deficit in half overnight if the federal government cooperated. President Trump does support legalizing medical marijuana nationally. Just doing that would free up banking restrictions, allowing capital investment in the marijuana industry to flourish.


Still, today is a great day and I intend to celebrate accordingly. I′ll be puffing my brains out later today after my wound care doctor changes my leg dressings. I hope she visits me early this morning so I can get started on my partying! Frankly, I wish I were 20 years younger, so I could start a marijuana brokering company. Buying from growers and reselling to retail sellers. With my expertise on quality, I would do quite well in choosing only the best for my customers. Some of my favorite strains currently are, ′Deathstar′, ′Strawberry Glue′, and ′Black Domina′, the latter is excellent for those suffering from pain or sleep issues. I also like ′Train Wreck′, though I will caution you that you may have some pretty kooky dreams. I blogged about one such dream here a while ago, entitled, ″Worf And I″. So spark one up and enjoy!


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