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Mark Halperin Resigns After Sexual Harassment Allegations

Political commentator Mark Halperin has resigned from Bloomberg News and from NBC News as a contributor following sexual harassment allegations from 5 women. Halperin apologized for his behavior to these women, which occurred years ago when he worked for ABC News, as he turned in his resignations. He is often seen as a panelist on MSNBC show, ″Morning Joe″. The allegations reported by the 5 women are somewhat on the mild side, perhaps best described as ′creepy′. The women allege that Halperin would often stand very close to them, or try hugging them. At least one women claims that he invited her to his office, allegedly for some sort of sexual activity.




These allegations about Mark Halperin come after the heightened awareness of sexual harassment due to the Harvey Weinstein case. About 5 of the women allege that they were raped by Weinstein. Around 50 women have reported that they were sexually harassed by the Hollywood movie producer. Weinstein denies any non-consensual sex with these women. Many of the allegations involve Weinstein allegedly exposing himself to female actresses during meetings at his office or at a hotel room concerning film roles.


Since the Weinstein story broke, the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace has become widely discussed in public. Not only have other Hollywood types now been accused, but also in other industries and professions. In some state capitols, there has been a flurry of allegations against politicians and other state government officials. Even George H. W. Bush has recently been accused by two young women for alleged harassment. The former president has apologized for at least one of these accusations.


So, it looks like any sort of bad behavior between men and women, or even for those in same-sex situations, will not be tolerated. Which is a good thing! As the saying goes, you shouldn′t be dipping your pen in the company ink. For retirees like George H. W. Bush, the advice is keep your hands to yourself and watch what you say. Who knows where Mark Halperin will wind up? He′s a smug jackass, as are most, if not all, Liberal journalists. He′ll probably donate some money to an abortion clinic in hopes of being forgiven by the Far Left.


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