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Matt Lauer Fired By NBC News

Another one bites the dust! Matt Lauer has been fired by NBC News as allegations of sexual harassment have been made against him. His boss, Andrew Lick, issued a memo Wednesday morning announcing the decision. Lauer′s ″Today Show″ co-host, Savannah Guthrie told viewers, ″I am heartbroken for Matt.″ Really? How about being heartbroken for the NBC News staffers claiming that Lauer made ″inappropriate″ sexual behavior towards them? The move comes as the New York Times was poised to reveal the results of their investigation into Lauer. Meanwhile, Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) flew back to Detroit last night as another woman has gone public with allegations of sexual harassment.




Matt Lauer is just the latest ′Big Name′ to suffer the fate of his own misdeeds. The current wave of sexual harassment allegations knows no bounds it seems. A top executive at NPR has also been accused of misbehavior. Much of Washington is holding its breath as people demand to know those members of the House were accused and some $17 Million dollars of ′Hush Money′ was paid out by taxpayers to keep victims quiet. In Hollywood, several police departments are busy investigating many actors, directors and film producers. Other industries are also losing executives, such as Silicon Valley. It seems only a matter of time before some Ivy League colleges begin dealing with professors accused of sexual harassment.


There is no doubt that we are still in the early stages of this trend. Inappropriate behavior between men and women runs throughout society. In every industry. In every class and social level. Its roots go back well before the dawn of civilization. The questions we should be asking ourselves now is where will this current trend lead us to as a society? What will be the end result?


The easy answer is that we adopt a more ideal moral structure. Something based on the old concept of chivalry. A society where men and women are raised to be gentlemen and ladies. This will require a major overhaul of our culture. Fashion, music, entertainment will all have to be retooled in order to promote people respecting each other. Including respecting life itself! These concepts are all interlocking. If you do not respect life, how can you be expected to respect anything? Liberals and Feminists may find this pill too hard to swallow. But if they truly desire progress, swallow they must!


Only once we cross that hurdle can we then move forward to nail down respecting each other as individuals, as well as in groups such as determined by gender or race. This is a ′Buddha′ moment, a moment for fundamental Enlightenment. Otherwise, this will end up just being some watered-down version of ′The Terror′. Mass public executions or humiliations. After we have had our fill of people being disgraced, society will revert back to ′business-as-usual′, though perhaps a bit more cautious. Who knows? Maybe this will be the impetus for the sex robot industry to take off like a rocket? That will have some long term consequences to civilization!


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