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Media Ignores America Great Again

The Dow Jones flirted with 24,000 yesterday, ending the trading session at another record high, the 62nd since President Donald Trump was elected. This morning, the 24,000 mark was busted. The Commerce Department updated its numbers for the 3rd Quarter and has the annual GDP growth rate now at 3.3%, the highest in a decade. Unemployment is at record lows, especially for African-Americans. Black-owned businesses are doing far better than during the Barack Obama years. Illegal immigration has been slashed even without ′The Wall′ being built. Consumer confidence is at record highs as the economy leaps into hyper-drive. Yet, you won′t hear or read any of this in The Media.




No, instead we get all-day coverage by CNN and MSNBC about some silly videos retweeted by President Trump on Twitter. They are still going on about it today! The Fake News Media did take a brief break to cover the latest sexual harassment scandals of Matt Lauer and Garrison Keillor. But beyond allegations about Lauer having a button to lock his office door so he could rape women, The Media just could not deviate from its commitment to trash President Trump. You would hardly know that North Korea tested another ballistic missile that could strike anywhere in Europe or North America had you been watching CNN or MSNBC.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders had to fend off questions about the videos, which claim to show Muslim men attacking or threatening Christians. I suppose such questions are more relevant than those about the pecan pie she baked for the White House Press Corps over Thanksgiving. Much ado about nothing came out of ′Pie-Gate′! Now we have Fake News TV hosts going on once again about how President Donald Trump is a ′mad man′! How he has disgraced the presidency.


Funny, they didn′t think that way back when Bill Clinton was raping women or seducing interns in the Oval Office. Nor even when Barack Obama was lying to the American people about Benghazi or his administration politicizing the IRS, FBI, NSA and CIA against the citizens. No, President Trump is bad because he is President Trump. It does not matter what he says or does, the Fake News Media will bend it all out of shape to suit the evil purposes.


Nobody in the ′Real World′ cares about what President Trump is retweeting. What ′Real People′ want is for Congress to start passing the agenda of President Trump to Make America Great Again. Things are getting better even without the Senate doing its job, but if they started to actually do some work, we would be much farther along. Maybe have some GDP growth rates in the 5% to 7% range! A few years of that would put everyone in a good mood.


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