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Media Impeachment News Hysteria

by Andrew Zarowny, 8/27/2018


Watching the news media hysteria over possible impeachment of President Donald Trump was both sad and funny. One media watchdog group recorded some 222 mentions of impeachment during the first 18 hours after the Manafort verdict and Cohen plea deal on Tuesday, just on CNN and MSNBC! Funny that the legal experts on those networks never bothered to read the U.S. Constitution, which states that a president can only be subject to a possible impeachment for ″high crimes and misdemeanors″ committed while in office. Neither of those two court cases had anything to do with President Donald Trump, nor any actions he made while in office.




Even the pay offs to porn stars by Michael Cohen and the National Enquirer are not criminal. Cohen basically pleaded guilty to non-crimes just to save his butt from serving 30 years in prison for other offenses. Much of this all comes down to a matter of intent. If either Cohen or the Enquirer had made such pay offs solely to help Candidate Trump win office, there might be a reason to claim that it might be a violation of campaign finance laws. But, if such cases were actually brought into a courtroom, the odds are that both would have been able to establish that such pay offs had been made before, thereby negating any criminal intent.


Indeed, rumor has it that the National Enquirer had allegedly paid off others in the past to protect Citizen Donald Trump, as well as many, many other celebrities and politicians. Cohen, too, was known as a ″fixer″, and probably also paid off others to protect his clients in the past. Whether they be women with allegations or just customers, employees and contractors with grievances. The fact that President Trump reimbursed Cohen for the money in the Stormy Daniels case can easily be resolved simply by tracking where the reimbursement came from? It is very unlikely that it came from any actual Trump political campaign source. In the John Edwards case, where money actually did come from political donors, the courts tossed out the campaign finance violations.


So, what we are left with was yet another week of hysteria and hyperbole from the Fake News Media spreading more fake news. Nothing that happened last week has brought President Donald Trump any closer to being impeached from office. Nor even closer to any potential criminal charges when he gets out of office. Barack Obama got popped for a campaign finance violation of some $2 Million dollars and was forced to pay a fine of $400,000. There is currently a probe into the Hillary Clinton campaign for siphoning some $80 Million dollars of money donated to the DNC, intended for state and local campaigns, into her own coffers. We′ll see what happens in that investigation, though I doubt if CNN or MSNBC will report on it.


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