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Media Says Trump Complicit With Hurricane Florence

by Andrew Zarowny, 9/13/2018


The Washington Post thinks that President Donald Trump is ″complicit″ with Hurricane Florence! I guess since there has yet to be any evidence of our President colluding with Russia, the Fake News Media has to find another form of villainy. This new one really stretches the boundaries of truth and reality. But, this is what happens when people become unstable and outright insane. Their candidate in 2016 lost, so the temper tantrum must continue by any means necessary.




The claim about President Trump being complicit with Hurricane Florence stems from his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord. A good thing, too, as those accords would have cost Americans trillions of dollars to no worthy end. Actually, President Trump has helped bring about an energy revolution in the United States, making us the lead nation in 2017 for reducing carbon emissions. Hydraulic fracking, a technology which has been around for over 60 years, has caused a boom in natural gas. Most new electrical power plants are fueled by natural gas, which is cheaper and cleaner than any other fuel. Even our coal burning plants have been switching over to ″clean coal″, now made abundant thanks to President Trump and his policies.


The worst polluter of our world in 2017 was China. Even Canada increased its carbon emissions last year! Maybe the Washington Post should blame them for Hurricane Florence? By the way, the number of major hurricanes in the past 50 years has actually decreased some 63% compared to the previous 50 years. Speaking of Hurricane Florence, it is no longer a ″major storm″, as its sustained wind speeds have declined to 115MPH and has been downgraded to a Category 2 storm.


This latest effort to attack President Trump came after he told White House correspondents that the federal response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico was one of the best ever. It actually was! Sure, there was much death and destruction, and a large portion of the island remains without electric power to this day. But the grid in Puerto Rico was very old and poorly maintained long before President Trump came to office. Disaster response is largely the responsibility of state or territorial authorities. The federal response by the Trump administration was exceptionally good, but it was badly mismanaged on the ground by local officials. Just recently, a large cache of bottled drinking water sent to Puerto Rico was discovered at an airport, covered by a tarp and forgotten. Somebody there goofed!


The Fake News Media has made bashing President Donald Trump a 24/7 industry. They refuse to report any good news. The economy is booming with unemployment at record lows and confidence in the future at all time highs. A new report is out this morning showing that in 2017, the median average income for the Middle Class households reached a new, all time high of just over $61,000 per year! Another new record are the number of job listings, about 6.9 Million. Unlike jobs allegedly created during the Barack Obama years, which were mostly low-paying, part-time jobs, most of the new jobs in the Trump Era are high-paying, full-time jobs. Maybe the Washington Post should publish a story with the headline, ″Trump Complicit With Job Creators″? At least that story would be an honest one!


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