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Michigan Meteor Rattles Windows, Public

So there I was last night, sitting in my living room, watching TV. It was just after 8pm EDT and I had just switched channels from the Fox Business Network to the Fox News Channel. Since Lisa Kennedy Montgomery was wearing some sort of red pant suit and not showing any leg, I decided to see what Tucker Carlson was up to. He had on some Left-Wing, Pro-Immigration-Amnesty fool. Suddenly, I heard a rather loud noise, as if somebody had thrown something at my house! A hard thing to do given the big evergreen directly in front. Thinking that somebody might be on my front porch, I grabbed both my pistol and my sword. But before I could reach the front door, there was yet another very loud noise, rattling the windows! I opened the door and saw nothing despite the outdoor lighting.




Not until this morning did I learn what had happened. After waking up, I turned on my TV to catch the early new at 4am. This is when I learned that a meteor had streaked across the night sky of Michigan at about 8:08pm EDT. The first ′boom′ was probably it entering our atmosphere, the second a sonic boom as it plummeted down. Both booms were strong enough to trip seismographs, as if a Magnitude 2.1 earthquake had taken place. Many dash and security cameras caught the event on video. Some clearly showing a bright burst of light from the initial entry.


Given how far the booms were heard and their strength to register as small earthquakes, the meteor must have been of a substantial size. A similar event in Russia a couple of years ago was many times more powerful. Scientists estimated that the Russian meteor was probably several tons in mass, though the largest fragment found on the ground weighed only a few kilograms. During that event, the ′booms′ caused widespread damage, breaking windows and even cracking some concrete walls. A number of people suffered ear damage, too!


Given the false missile alarms in Hawaii and Japan the past few days, the Michigan meteor caused some communities to activate their Emergency Alert System, or EAS, to calm fears and assure folks that there were no inbound missiles. Actually, they were wrong! There WAS an inbound missile from outer space! A natural missile, but one which could have caused some serious damage had several factors been right. We do not know just how big the Michigan meteor might have been before it crashed into our atmosphere, nor how much survived being melted as it streaked downward. Had it been as large as the Russian meteor, which probably started out around the size of a small car to a school bus, the Michigan meteor could have rather dangerous. Just since Christmas, at least two, large, Near-Earth asteroids have come close to our planet. This while the bozos in The Media are only concerned about North Korea.


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