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Millennial Adulting Courses

by Andrew Zarowny, 12/19/2018


Adulting courses for Millennials are popping up in schools and libraries across America. Many are done online, the perfect venue for those 16 to 25. The adulting course curriculum includes teaching useful skills like how to sew a button on to a shirt, how to cook, how to plan a budget, and even how to tell somebody that you love him or her. Perhaps a leader in this education trend is The Adulting School in Portland, Oregon. But they are not alone as such classes are appearing nationwide.




This is no wonder as Millennials are dumb as posts! They may know how to breeze through 17 levels of ″Candy Crush″ or some other game app, but when it comes to performing basic tasks in life, they are clueless. A recent survey in the UK showed that some 40% of Millennials did not know how to make scrambled eggs. The tuna industry is looking to do away with the traditional canned tuna as sales have fallen sharply. This is due to Millennials not knowing how to use a can opener!


I suspect that even if ′Chicken Of The Sea′ included a ′pull-top′ lid on their cans, Millennials would still not know how to open them! Unfortunately, this development is yet another validation of scholar Elmer Pendell, author of ″Why Civilizations Self-Destruct″. Pendell claimed that most societies crumble from ignorance after 7 or 8 generations. With each generation after the founding of a society, the offspring get dumber and dumber. Eventually reaching a point where they are total morons!


While some linger on beyond 8 generations, other collapse quickly. Ancient Greece fell apart within decades after reaching the zenith of their power. On the other end of the history spectrum, the Eastern Roman Empire, Byzantium, lasted well beyond the fall of its Western counterpart. From a historical perspective, America on the edge of collapse. Facing major problems like corrupt politicians, corrupt bureaucrats of ′The Deep State′, the National Debt and stupid Millennials, we are due for trouble.


I hate being a ′Debbie-Downer′ just before the holidays, but, we have to face reality. I love President Donald Trump and all that he is trying to accomplish. If he succeeds in fulfilling all of his agenda, he may buy us another solid 10 to 20 years of national survival. Perhaps even motivate a rebirth of the American Spirit which may extend our heritage another generation or two. However, between the demographics and the economics, the collapse of America is much more certain and nearer than any other potential disaster, especially that of global warmer.


For those of you seeking to protect yourself and your family from a collapse of civilization, I would strongly recommend the purchase of Volume One of ″The Survivor″ by Kurt Saxon. This is a collection of old, how-to articles from the late 19th and early 20th Century. Included within it is a copy of ″MacKenzie′s 10,000 Formulas″, published in 1872. This alone will help you rebuild any collapsed civilization with excellent descriptions on how to build or make anything. From soap to explosives, or butchering animals or building a blacksmith forge.


If there is any long term hope, it is that we may have reached a technological point where robotics and artificial intelligence may save us from ourselves. Much like in the old TV series, ″Buck Rodgers of the 25th Century″. In this fictional account, human civilization survives a collapse thanks to people allowing themselves to be governed by computers. Like Dr. Theopolus, a small, round computer who is part of a council of other computers running the world. Humans still do some of the grunt and administrative work. If nothing else, ″Buck Rodgers″ had one of the best opening sequences as actor Gil Gerard floats his way through 500 years. Even the folks at ″South Park″ purloined the sequence, as Cartman floats 500 years after being frozen, only to awake in a world where humans are pitted against a race of intelligent sea otters. And on that amusing thought, I bid you a Happy Adulting!


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