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More Cracks In Mueller Witch Hunt

by Andrew Zarowny, 11/28/2018


Both Jerome Corsi and Paul Manafort are causing more cracks in the Russia Probe, also known as the Robert Mueller Witch Hunt. Mueller′s team is getting desperate to find some link between the 2016 Trump campaign and the Russian government. The latest attempt to connect them is through Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. Both Corsi and Manafort are being compelled by the Mueller team to lie about meeting with Assange and coordinating the release of John Podesta emails with the Trump campaign. The problem is, neither men had any contact with Assange.




However, that little detail makes no difference to Robert Mueller and his group of angry Democrat investigators. They have to find something, anything, to tag President Donald Trump with and fast! Now that Jeff Sessions is no longer U.S. Attorney General, it is only a matter of time before Mueller and his crew are held accountable for their actions. Most likely before next spring, a new AG will be appointed and confirmed by the Senate. A Senate made more Republican yesterday after the run-off election in Mississippi. Whoever the new AG will be, you can bet your bottom dollar that he, or she, will not sit by idly and allow the Mueller witch hunt to run amok as it has been doing.


The latest fake news is that Paul Manafort met with Julian Assange three times in 2016. Twice before he became part of the Trump campaign and once well after he left it. This raises the obvious question of why would he bother? Manafort had no skin in the game during either time periods. Likewise, fake news reports are that Jerome Corsi had been in contact with Assange. An email exchange early in 2016 between Corsi and Roger Stone, a known Trump supporter, raises the question about exposing John Podesta. While Mueller and the Fake News Media believe this was about hacked emails which were later made public by WikiLeaks, Corsi and Stone say it was about exposing the Podesta family connection to Russian businessmen and officials.


Corsi was interviewed by the Mueller probe for some 40 hours over a period of several days. Being innocent and having nothing to hide, Corsi had turned over his computer, smart phone and access to his email accounts to the FBI. They then accused him of lying because he had forgotten about forwarding an email from July 2016 to a friend in the UK. Corsi was allowed to alter his testimony by investigators after he refreshed his memory. But, now, with the Mueller probe under pressure to find something criminal against President Trump, Corsi is being accused of committing a felony. He may die in prison unless he plays ball and lies about coordinating the release of the Podesta emails.


Paul Manafort is also being pressured the same way. The Mueller witch hunt is threatening Manafort on revoking his plea deal unless he falsely admits to also working with Julian Assange to release the Podesta emails. Mind you, the Podesta emails were not actually hacked by WikiLeaks, but by some third party hacker who tricked Podesta into revealing his email password. Which, by the way, was the word, PASSWORD. How stupid is that?!?!


The bottom line is that Robert Mueller and his team of hack investigators are getting desperate. They have spent almost two years and tens of millions of dollars to try and find something to be used to impeach President Donald Trump from office. After all of their efforts, they have come up empty handed. Whats worse is that their methods for getting what charges they have achieved on peripheral characters have nothing to do with either Russia nor with the Trump campaign. The damage the Mueller probe has done to our justice system is quite serious. At some point, there will be a price paid as Mueller and his cohorts are held accountable.


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