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More Than One Spy In Trump Campaign

If one spy, mole and or informant in the Donald Trump campaign was not enough, how about two or three? So claims Michael Caputo, a former Trump campaign official. Caputo appeared last night on the Fox News Channel with Laura Ingraham and made the allegation that there may have been a second spy. This individual, Caputo claims, was not from the FBI, but from another government agency. Caputo later told Ingraham, and the audience, that former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, might soon be wearing an orange, prison jump suit.




Clapper, who now works for CNN, along with former CIA Director John Brennan and former Assistant Attorney General Sally Yates, have been sounding like stuck pigs the past 48 hours. Their reaction to a tweet on Twitter by President Trump about an FBI informant in his campaign has been harsh and astounding. Not exactly what we should expect from former government officials. Unless, of course, these former officials might be worrying about some shady activity they themselves were involved with becoming public.


In the last two weeks, the story has been evolving about how an American professor in Cambridge, England, Stefan Haper, may allegedly be the FBI informant who tried to worm his way into the Trump campaign. He had contact with at least three campaign workers, George Papadopolous, Carter Page and Sam Clovis. Some news accounts claim that it was Halper who allegedly first raised the subject about the Russian government having the hacked emails of Hillary Clinton to Papadopolous, and possibly Page as well.


Halper is the quintessential Beltway Insider, having worked in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations. He has ties with the DOJ, FBI, CIA and DOD in America, as well as with British MI6, Her Majesty′s Secret Service. Halper belongs to all of right clubs, his ticket punched both socially and professionally, and is also said to be personal friends with George H. W. Bush. Some news reports say that Halper not only allegedly tried to set up and frame or entrap Trump campaign officials in the Russian collusion myth, but was also trying to worm his way into a job with the Trump administration.


In the past few days, stories are now appearing in the press that there may have been two or three operatives involved in infiltrating the Trump campaign. Like many others being questioned repeatedly by the Robert Mueller probe, Michael Caputo is quickly going broke from legal fees. Needless to say, he is rather upset about that. So should we believe him as he alleges that there was at least one other mole who tried to worm his way inside the Trump campaign? I would say, Yes, we should believe him!


Let us keep in mind what had been going on prior to the 2016 elections. Under the Obama administration, the CIA was spying on members of Congress and their staff. The NSA was spying on the American people. The FBI and DOJ were spying on news reporters. In each case, they were getting away with these actions. Even when Obama administration officials lied to Congress, a felony under federal law, nobody was being prosecuted. Except, of course, those reporters under surveillance by the Obama administration and the whistle blowers who were outing the spying on Congress and the American people.


So, it is easy to see why James Clapper, Sally Yates and John Brennan might be a tad nervous as more details are being discovered about what was really going on during and after the 2016 elections. They, along with James Comey, Andrew McCabem Loretta Lynch and many others, may all find themselves getting fitted one day in the future in those orange jumpsuits Michael Caputo mentioned. The BIG QUESTION, of course, is what did their boss, Barack Obama, know? More on that later, but here is a hint, Operation Board Games. Till next time!


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