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Mueller Probe Death Watch

by Andy Zarowny, 9/2/2018


The Robert Mueller probe is now on a death watch. Recent events are showing more and more that it is merely a political witch hunt against President Donald Trump. One of the latest revelations is that Bruce Ohr was keeping many people ″in the loop″ at the FBI and DOJ well after Christopher Steele was terminated as a source for violating FBI protocols. Among those Ohr reported to was Andrew Weissmann, Robert Mueller′s deputy prosecutor in the Trump-Russia probe. Yet another ″taint″ among many others afflicting the Mueller team of 17 ″angry″ Democrats.




Another problem is a long-standing Department of Justice guideline about no public announcements, indictments or accusations made about any cases with political concerns within 60 days of an election. NBC chief political reporter, Chuck Todd, predicted a ″bombshell″ to be announced this past Friday by the Mueller team, which never happened. This Tuesday will mark 63 days before the 2018 midterm elections, so the calendar is slipping away rapidly now. Any action taken soon will be seen as purely a political stunt.


Much like that made by James Comey just prior to the 2016 election about Hillary Clinton. Although in that case, it was done to protect her, seeing as how Comey and the FBI lied about what was found on the laptop computer shared by Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner. Nearly 700,000 emails to and from Hillary Clinton were discovered, but barely 3,000 were actually examined.


Of course, now we know that the Chinese were reading Hillary′s email in real time the whole while she served as Secretary of State, a discovery made by the Inspector General for the Intelligence Community. The FBI′s statement that they did not discover the hack is true, but rather pointless. What is not pointless is the fact that the mandatory required damage assessment caused by this hack never happened, as the FBI, DOJ and the rest of the Barack Obama administration just swept the whole thing under a Deep State rug.


After more than two years of investigations into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, nobody has found any evidence of any collusion. After more than a year of investigating any obstruction of justice by President Trump for the firing of James Comey, there is no evidence of that, either. In fact, the President was well within his authority to fire Comey and it was all done for legitimate reasons. There is plenty of evidence that Comey whitewashed the Hillary Clinton email probe and allowed for the Deep State scheme to incriminate Trump with a wide range of illegitimate charges.


So Robert Mueller′s investigation has been tainted and bogus from the beginning. The Christopher Steele dossier which started the whole FISA warrant surveillance of Trump campaign workers was total fiction, paid for by Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and the FBI, too! This whole thing was just a demonstration of how the Barack Obama administration had weaponized the federal government against its political opponents. Donald Trump, his family and associates, are just the latest targets among many others attacked by the Obama Machine.


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