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New Poll, Nearly Half Say Media Makes Up Trump News

A new poll by Politico and Morning Consult shows that 46% of Americans believe that the news media makes up stories about President Donald Trump. Only 37% do not believe the Fake News Media fabricates stories. About 76% of Republicans do not trust The Media while 11% do. For Democrats, about 65% believe The Media while about 28% do not. Given what we have been seeing in the past year or so, its not hard to understand. Multiple stories published by the New York Times and Washington Post have been retracted despite numerous sources. Many of these anonymous sources are often referred to as just ″White House officials″ or tied to some unspecified intelligence agency. CNN, once the King of Fake News on cable TV, is now being surpassed by NBC News and their affiliate, MSNBC.




Take, for example, another conspiracy theory launched Friday by MSNBC host Rachel Maddow about the 4 Green Berets killed in Niger. She is alleging that the ambush by terrorists is directly related to President Trump′s travel ban. Maddow claims that Chad withdrew their troops from Niger in response to being placed on the ban. Even the Huffington Post, far removed from the ′vast, Right-Wing′ media, is accusing Rachel Maddow of overreaching on this story. There are no ′dots′ to connect, except those in Maddow′s hollow head.


Chris ′Meatloaf Jr′ Wallace criticized some of his colleagues at Fox News for playing up on the Fake News angle. Wallace thinks that guys like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson are giving journalism a bad name. Actually, journalists, themselves, are sinking their own ship with innuendo and fake news. Comparisons to Watergate are flimsy ones. While Woodward and Bernstein had ′Deep Throat′ as a source, they only used him for ′deep background′. Ben Bradley insisted that the reporters get confirmation from a named source before publishing any stories.


Several other stories by NBC News in the past two weeks were all dismissed as being dead wrong. Rex Tillerson has never considered resigning, nor admits to calling President Trump a ″moron″. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly stated publicly that he has never considered resigning, nor does he ′manage′ the President or his Twitter account. In fact, Kelly seems to be pretty much on board and in full agreement with his Boss.


The Fake News Media has gotten completely out of control since the election. Before the November 2016 vote, they all convinced themselves that Hillary Clinton would be elected. In other words, they believed their own lies back then and are have now trapped themselves into continuing this deception. What irks journalists is the fact that a great many have no been hoodwinked by them. The news profession has lost credibility by nearly half the country and it will be very difficult to get it back.


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