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New Way Forward Act

Thank goodness for Tucker Carlson!  The Fox News host informed his viewers last night of a crazy bill House Democrats are trying to pass.  Its called the New Way Forward Act, H.R.5383.  About 40 House Democrats have signed on to this mess.  The bill would essentially decriminalize illegal immigration and end the deportations of any immigrant who commits a serious felony offense.  That includes murder, rape, domestic violence and child molestation.  Worse yet, the bill would also require that the United States government, through U.S. taxpayers, return to America all previously deported criminals!  Liberals may try to argue that this only applies to those convicted illegal immigrants who have families inside the USA.  But, as we know, once the camel sticks his nose under the tent, the rest of the camel is not far behind.


Naturally, there are other gems in the New Way Forward Act.  Along with eliminating our borders and deportation, HR5383 will also privide free healthacare to all immigrants.  Groups across America who advocate for illegal immigrants, including those who fund and organize the mass caravans from Central America to cross our border illegally, are pushing for the bill.  I'm sure other goodies like public housing and free college will also be tacked on, if not already buried deep inside the Act.  

Bills like this run parallel with other Far Left pursuits, such as the decriminalization of crime in general.  This includes the No Bail laws in New York State and Liberal prosecutors in Caiifornia and Maryland who refuse to prosecute criminals who steal up to $950 or commit other 'minor crimes', like sexual predators stalking victims.  Billionaire George Soros has been busy spending big bucks to help elect such prosecutors.  This is all part of the overall mission by the Far Left to end national sovereignty and change America's demographics forever.

This is why more rational people elected Donald Trump president.  To fight against the Globalists.  Reagan succeeded in unifying the '3-Legged-Stool' of the GOP base of voters.  Economic Conservatives, Value Voters and National Security voters.  In 2016, Trump tapped into the one thing all three groups have in common, National Sovereignty.  The Populist Movement both here and in the UK and Europe are all about National Sovereignty.  Such voters oppose Globalists objectives of having multi-national organizations superseceding the laws and governments of individual nations.  The new bill, HR5383, the New Way Forward Act, is just the latest scheme to delute national populations amd voter bases, allowing for Socialism to become acceptable.  Now that Tucker Carlson has sounded the alarm, I suspect that this bill will go nowhere.  I doubt if the Senate would have passed it and I am positive that Trump would never sign such a bill into law.

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