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New York Truck Terror Attack

New York City suffered a truck terror attack yesterday after Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, 29, plowed a rented Home Depot truck into bicycle riders and pedestrians. Eight were killed and 15 injured around 3:05pm on West Street and Houston Street in Lower Manhattan, not far from One World Trade Center. Six of those killed were foreigners, 5 tourists from Argentina and one Belgian national. Sayfullo Saipov then crashed into a school bus carrying ′special needs′ students. Two adults and two children were victims. Sayfullo then exited the rented pick-up truck and walked, brandishing two pistols, one pellet and one panitball gun, and shouted ″Allahu Akbar!″ A NYPD officer on duty in the area, Ryan Nash, 28, engaged the terrorist with his service pistol. The 5-year police veteran wounded Saipov in a leg and abdomen, then placed him in custody, ending his killing spree.




Two handwritten notes were found in and near the pick-up truck indicating that Sayfullo Saipov had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. Saipov was originally from Uzbekistan, a former state of the Soviet Union. In 2010, he immigrated to America under a ′diversity visa′ program, one of those feel-good schemes by Liberal Democrats. The program was started in the 1990s and Charles Schumer was among its sponsors. President Donald Trump recently called for the program to be halted.


Saipov first settled in the Tampa Bat area in Florida. Later, he moved to Patterson, New Jersey. Four years ago, he married another Uzbek who was living in Ohio. Sayfullo worked mostly as a truck driver, and recently began driving for Uber. Authorities believe that he was radicalized on the Internet. He rented the truck just an hour or so before going on his rampage. Authorities report that in August, a video surfaced on the Internet showing the area of Manhattan Saipov attacked, well known for its bicycle traffic. An ISIS flag was also shown on the video.


There is no doubt that this was a terrorist attack. Nor is there any doubt that it was carried out in the name of radical, Islamic extremism. I would guess that Saipov brandished two ′imitation′ handguns in order to provoke a ′suicide-by-police′. Instead, he was wounded and is in recovery from surgery. Sayfullo Saipov will stand trial for his crimes. But what of the politicians and judges who have allowed unvetted, potential terrorists into America? When will they stand trial?


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