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No Justice In Kate Steinle Murder Case

The verdicts in the murder trial against Garcia Zarate were an outrage. Zarate stood trial for the murder of Kate Steinle, a young 32 year old woman who was shot to death in San Francisco in July of 2015. Zarate was arrested immediately by police. He admitted firing a pistol he claimed he found. He admitted that he was trying to shoot a seal. The bullet from the gun he possessed struck Kate Steinle and killed her. Yet, a jury of residents of San Francisco acquitted Zarate. Even though he was an illegal immigrant, deported 5 times with 7 felony convictions. A man who came to San Francisco specifically to take advantage of their ′Sanctuary City′ policies.




After 5 days of deliberation, the jury found Garcia Zarate not guilty of 1st Degree Murder, 2nd Degree Murder, Manslaughter, and even of committing an assault with a semiautomatic weapon. The jury only found him guilty of possession of a gun by a felon. One can understand acquitting Zarate for 1st Degree Murder, as that implies premeditation. Even 2nd Degree is a bit of a stretch. But even Zarate′s own lawyer argued that Steinle′s death was accidental, in which case the charge of manslaughter applies. Had he run her over while driving an automobile, manslaughter would still apply.


However, the jury gave Zarate a pass on manslaughter. They even acquitted him of assaulting her with a deadly weapon. This is just too much! Apparently not too much for the ultra Liberal folks in San Francisco. Mind you, the jury was not informed about Garcia Zarate being convicted of 7 previous felonies, nor his being deported 5 times. They were told by his defense attorney that the gun went off accidentally while Zarate was pointing it at a seal. Shooting a seal is a crime, too!


The pistol was a Sig Sauer P239 in .40 caliber. These are very popular firearms for law enforcement as they have many safety features which prevent them from discharging accidentally. The pistol was stolen from the car of a federal land management bureau ranger. Zarate claims he found it rolled up in a t-shirt inside a trash bin by a bench near the pier where Steinle was shot. A law-abiding citizen would have turned the discovered weapon over to police. But Zarate was not law-abiding, nor was he a citizen. He was a criminal.


Just two days prior to the murder of Kate Steinle, Garcia Zarate was released from jail. This was despite a request by Immigration Criminal Enforcement, ICE, officers for Zarate to be held until they could take custody of him. Zarate was wanted for illegally entering the United States, for the 6th time, as well as for a felony drug arrest in Texas. However, under the ′Sanctuary City′ policies of San Francisco, and now the entire State of California, local police are not required, or not allowed, to cooperate with federal ICE agents. So, Zarate was turned loose before Ice could pick him. Two days later, Kate Steinle was gunned down, murdered by Zarate.


The killing came in July, 2015, just weeks after Candidate Donald Trump begun his presidential campaign. The Steinle murder was often referred to by Trump, along with other killings and crimes associated with illegal immigrants. This was part of his reasoning for wanting ′The Wall′ built along our southern border with Mexico. Oddly enough, in 2008 while campaigning, Hillary Clinton tried using illegal immigration as a ′wedge issue′. At that time, she supported a ′get tough′ policy for stopping illegal crossings along our borders. But, in 2016, she went the other way, advocating amnesty for all illegal immigrants. Probably one of the main reasons why we have President Trump in the White House, today!


This trial verdict is a travesty of justice. There is no doubt that Garcia Zarate caused the death of Kate Steinle. The gun did not just pop up in mid-air and fire all by itself. Even if it had been an accident, Zarate should have been found guilty of manslaughter at the very least, as well as assault with a gun and possession of a gun by a felon. But, the numbskull jury in San Francisco embraced their pointy-headed, Liberal ideals instead of logic and reason. Zarate still faces drug charges in Texas and deportation. So we shall see how this ultimately plays out.


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