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NORAD Santa Tracker 2017 Brings Christmas Cheer

Energize the radars, launch the jet fighter escort, man the phone banks and start tweeting on Twitter! For a Merry Christmas in 2017, the NORAD Santa Tracker is on the job! Yes, it is that time of the year again when the good folks at the North American Aerospace Defense Command are keeping an eye on the sky for Santa Claus. Both military and civilian volunteers will be busy Christmas Eve as Santa Claus begins his annual mission to bring joy and toys to the children of the world. You can keep track of Santa′s progress as his reindeer-powered sleigh makes its way across the Earth.




What started in 1955 as a printing error in a Sears ad in a Colorado Springs newspaper has turned into an annual event for many worldwide. The Sears ad for Christmas included a phone number which allowed children to call Santa Claus. But, the phone number printed was actually that of CONAD, the Continental Aird Defense Command, also located in Colorado Springs. The officer in charge the night of Christmas, Colonel Harry Shoup, took the mistake in stride and ordered his staff to tell children where Santa Claus was in his flight around the world. Since then, the rest is history.


The NORAD Santa Tracker has become one of the most popular websites visited on Christmas Eve. In recent years, they have expanded their operations to include social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as apps for smart phones and emails, to keep the public informed on Santa′s progress. The cost of all of this fun is being paid for by donations and corporate sponsors, so no budget worries here! Break out the hot chocolate and some candy canes. You can watch Santa Claus travel around the world at the NORAD Santa Tracker website, or even here as we have a map embedded below. Have a safe and very Merry Christmas!


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