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North Korea Loves MSNBC Morning Joe

This has to be the funniest story of the week! NBC News reporter Keir Simmons apparently had interviewed a North Korean colonel. The colonel mentioned that North Korean military officers love watching MSNBC. They seem to think they get an honest look into America. Their favorite show is ″Morning Joe″! This makes sense, seeing as how North Koreans are spoon-fed lies from their own state-controlled media from birth. That Psycho Joe Scarborough and Crazy Mika Brzezinski satisfy the daily need for lies of North Korean officials is quite obvious. The whole point of the show is to deliver 3 hours of America bashing.




I really do have to laugh at this one. MSNBC on a whole is nearly the worst offender when it comes to dividing and tearing down America. Together with NBC News, they spread the most outrageous lies. The gangsters at ″Morning Joe″ may not be as bad as Rachel Maddow or Lawrence O′Donnell, but given that Joe and Mika get 15 hours per week to spew fake news, this is an advantage over their colleagues.


One bright point in this story is that the North Korean colonel interviewed by Keir Simmons said that their top military brass believe they learn valuable insights about America while watching ″Morning Joe″. That because of these insights, they believe that they can defeat us. I am reminded of the scene in the film, ″Tora! Tora! Tora!″, where Japanese Admiral Yamamoto cautions his officers not to believe stories about how Americans are corrupt and only seek a soft life of luxury. He warns them that Americans are a ″just people″, with strong moral character.


So, in this regard, MSNBC and ″Morning Joe″ may be providing a valuable service. True, the country on a whole may not have the moral backbone past generations of Americans had. But even if only a half, or even just a third of our people still cling to their Bibles and their guns, that is significantly better than any other nation on Earth. North Korea will be in for a rude awakening should they try to start a war. I have no doubt that within 72 hours, we would decimate them, plunging North Korea into total disarray.


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