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NY Times Anonymous Op Ed

by Andrew Zarowny, 9/6/2018


The anonymous op ed letter published yesterday in the New York Times has caused quite the uproar. The piece comes just after the release of the new book by Bob Woodward, ″FEAR″, which is loaded with lies and anonymously sourced quotes and stories. Both try to once again paint the Trump White House as chaotic and President Donald Trump as erratic and a bully. Everyone in the Trump administration whom Woodward attributed a quote to has denied making such comments. As for the NY Times op ed author, he, or she, claims to be a senior official within the administration. While he, or she, supports much of what the Trump administration has accomplished, he, or she, claims to be part of the Resistance because he, or she, does not like the President personally, nor his behavior.




Well, isn′t that just too bad! If you don′t like working for President Trump, then resign! Quit and grow the cajones to go public with your criticism. You were not elected so you have no authority to delay or block any lawful orders issued by the administration. One could call such acts treason, or at least subversive. If you are part of a group of like-minded people, also engaged in sabotaging the administration, then you are part of a criminal conspiracy. But, if you feel so strongly that The Republic is threatened, then you should stand up for your convictions and come forward to air your grievances in public.


Frankly, I believe that the NY Times anonymous op ed is a phony! Just more fake news. A couple weeks ago, another NY Times editorial from one of their own editors described Bruce Ohr as ″a nobody″. Ohr was the 4th highest ranking official at the Department of Justice for much of the past few years. During the interim period as the Trump administration began taking power, Ohr was acting Deputy Attorney General under Acting Attorney General Sally Yates. This was during a rather crucial period as the Trump-Russia probe was underway early in 2017.


I do not believe this op ed anymore than I believe Bob Woodward. He has not been relevant since Watergate. Neither he nor Carl Bernstein have done any real journalism since then. When you get right down to it, they did not even really GET the Watergate story. Other news agencies also got significant pieces and it was actually the joint committee with the FBI and DOJ that forced Richard Nixon to resign and send many of his associates to prison. Woodward and Bernstein mostly supplied innuendo and speculation, but very few genuine facts.


True journalism relies only on anonymous sources for ″deep background″ to a story. Actual facts require documentation and people going publicly on the record. Take the Ronan Farrow story on sexual misbehavior by Hollywood elites. He had people on the record to what happened along with police reports and other information to back up the accusations. Even with all of that, NBC News suppressed Farrow′s story, forcing him to go elsewhere with it.


We GET it! The news media hates President Donald Trump. As do many Washington insiders, both Democrats and Republicans, along with much of the Beltway bureaucracy. President Trump is not your typical career politician and functions as he did when he ran a very successful, privately held corporation. I′m sure that he has ruffled many feathers within The Swamp and they despise the reality that he is accomplishing nearly everything he has promised in a very short time frame. President Trump is literally the Roadrunner from the popular cartoon series, outpacing the Wiley Coyotes of the Deep State, the Fake News Media, and the rest of his political enemies. They have tried numerous times to stop him and have failed every time. These two latest attempts will also fail.


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