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Obama Allowed Iran Terrorists To Traffic In Cocaine, Guns

Politico is not exactly part of that ′vast, Right-wing conspiracy′ allegedly in The Media. Yet they have published a 14,000-word report on how Barack Obama allowed Hezbollah to traffic cocaine and guns into the United States. The report lays out how the Obama administration interfered, even obstructed, the DEA efforts to stop this criminality in an action known as ′Operation Cassandra′. That Obama did this to help broker the Iran nuclear deal. Hezbollah is a terrorist group with direct ties to Iran. In recent years, they have developed a pipeline from South and Central America to traffic cocaine and weapons into America. But, Obama was less concerned about this than he was for his legacy to achieve a foreign policy ′success′.




Some success! Thanks to the Iran nuclear deal which Obama pressed for, Iran is certain to develop nuclear weapons within 10 years, or much, much less. Some intelligence estimates say that Iran could have a nuke within 6 to 12 months! This is serious news, not just for Israel, which Iran vows to destroy, but for the rest of the region. Hootha rebels in Yemen are backed by Iran and recently launched an Iranian-made, ballistic missile at Saudi Arabia. The Saudis are considering starting their own nuclear weapons program to counter Iran′s.


The Drug Enforcement Agency, along with several other federal agencies and departments, were forced by the Barack Obama administration to stand down. To allow Hezbollah to have a free hand to carry out its trade in cocaine and guns in America. Who can say how many American lives are harmed, if not snuffed out, by this policy? One need only look at Chicago, where drug gang violence and murder rum rampant. Chicago has been a major cocaine distribution since way back in the days of Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar.


Keep in mind, Barack Obama is from Chicago. Those of you whom have read the Evelyn Pringle articles from early 2008, ″Curtain Time For Barack Obama″, know that Obama was part of ′The Illinois Combine′, one of the largest and most powerful crime syndicates in our country. Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald had convicted 28 individuals for racketeering and other offenses in the DOJ-FBI ′Operation Board Game′. Number 28 was former governor, Rod ′Blaggo′ Blagojevich. Barack Obama was probably headed to be Number 29 until he was elected president. Obama′s old next door neighbor, Antoin ′Tony′ Rezko, was conviction Number 27.


Pringle laid out the whole operational schemes of The Illinois Combine, which included several foreign players along with local politicians and businessmen. It would not be too difficult to connect the dots and conclude that those remaining to function after ′Operation Board Game′ was shutdown by Obama′s Justice Department lackey, Eric Holder, may be acting with Hezbollah and Colombian Cartels. Some of the top fish in the crime syndicate had ties to Syria, Iraq, Iran and Lebanon. Indeed, as a U.S. Senator, Obama assisted in getting one former Iraqi official out of prison and spirited from Baghdad to Chicago.


The Politico article does not connect any dots between Hezbollah and Obama′s old pals in Chicago. But what they do portray is pretty bad in itself. The Obama White House essentially told the DEA and other agencies to adopt a ′hands off′ attitude towards Hezbollah and their operations in the United States. The Iranian-backed terrorist group was allowed to traffic cocaine and guns into America without any problems. In return, Iran would play ball and agree to the nuclear deal, which really does not hamper their weapons program very much at all. Obama could claim a foreign policy achievement as part of his legacy, while in truth, he achieved nothing at all and wound up paying Iran some $150 Billion dollars in cash. A few American hostages were released after a fleet of unmarked jets flew into Tehran loaded with pallets of money.


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