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Obama Speech Puts Trump Asleep

by Andrew Zarowny, 9/8/2018


Barack Obama gave a speech Friday at the University of Illinois full of lies and utter nonsense. It was long and tedious. President Donald Trump gave a speech an hour later in Fargo, North Dakota at a fundraiser for Republican Senatorial candidate, Kevin Cramer. During which, the President said that he ″fell asleep″ while watching Obama. Two points to make here. First, President Trump hardly ever sleeps! Especially during the day. He usually only sleeps 4 or 5 hours at night, if then! Secondly, our President was joking about it and rather calm despite all of the lies and mean things Obama had to say. This goes contrary to the Fake News Media narrative about how ″unhinged″ and ″volcanic″ they claim President Trump is.




He should have been volcanic after all of the lies Obama belched out during his long, boring speech. Obama tried to take full credit for the booming economy while chastising President Trump for things Obama, himself, committed back when he occupied the White House. For example, Obama attacked President Trump for his attacks on the Fake News Media. This is rich as Obama had 22 reporters from the Associated Press under criminal surveillance, along with CBS reporter Sheryl Atkinson and James Rosen of Fox News. Even Rosen′s family phone records were scrutinized by the FBI!


Obama was the one who weaponized government agencies, such as the FBI, DOJ, IRS, CIA, NSA, etc., to go after political opponents. They are still under Obama′s influence as all of these agencies investigate President Trump, his family, his campaign staff and business associates. Reporter John Solomon has broken the story that it was Bruce Ohr who may have held the ″secret society″ meeting with his wife Nellie, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Christopher Steele and Andrew McCabe as to how to use the Fusion GPS dossier to undermine the Trump campaign in the summer of 2016.


Perhaps the worst part of the Obama speech was his attempt to take credit for America′s now booming economy. The only people who got rich in the Obama Era was the rich, thanks mostly to cheap money from the Federal Reserve to fuel Wall Street at 0% interest rates. The poor got poorer and the Middle Class became a minority for the first time in U.S. history under Obama. Wages shrank, along with life expectancy, as the country went 8 years with an average GDP growth rate of 1.8%, the worst since the Great Depression! Meanwhile, Obama doubled the National Debt during his 8 years, spending more money than all previous presidents combined. Not much of a legacy to be proud of.


On top of everything else, Obama was rude and disrespectful in a historic, unprecedented way during his speech. Not only did he never once refer to Donald Trump as president, Obama spat on the 220-year tradition of former presidents not trash talking their successors. So, all in all, Barack Obama′s speech yesterday in Illinois was despicable, as well as boring. President Donald Trump should have been hopping mad and displayed his anger when he spoke an hour later at a fundraiser for Kevin Cramer. But, instead, President Trump was humorous, cool and calm, fresh from a nap caused by being bored by Obama. No volcano in Fargo!


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