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Parkland Florida High School Shooting, FBI Knew

Nikolas Cruz, 19, had apparently left many clues well in advance of his plans to attack the Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School in Parkland, Florida yesterday. This was a mass shooting which probably could have been avoided. Cruz had been fairly active on social media prior to his rampage, killing at least 17 people and wounding 15 others. He even posted a video on You-Tube boasting of his intentions, which were seen by the public. At least one person contacted the FBI last September about Cruz and his video message. Little had been done about it.




Students at the high school also knew that Cruz was a very angry, disturbed, young man. He had been expelled from the school for starting a fight with the new boyfriend of his former girlfriend. Cruz had also been restricted from bring a backpack into the school. He had a history of violence, shooting rats with a BB-gun and also shooting a neighbor′s chickens. Local police had been called about him before yesterday′s massacre.


Nikolas Cruz and his younger brother were adopted by Lynda and Roger Cruz some years ago. Both had died and Cruz was living with the family of one of his few friends. He worked at a dollar store and attended a school for ′at-risk′ teens. Cruz seems to have been fixated on violence, with posts on social media about Islamic terrorism and school shootings.


On Wednesday, he entered his former high school late in the afternoon, when many students would be leaving. Wearing a gas mask and carrying an AR-15, Cruz set off fire alarms and used smoke grenades to cause confusion. As students poured out into the hallways, he began firing. He apparently saved one magazine of ammunition for his escape, shooting some victims outside the school. Cruz was apprehended by police about a half a mile away.


There appears to be little doubt that this school shooting could have been avoided. Plenty of warning signs had been known. Many of his former classmates knew that Nikolas Cruz was violent and disturbed. Police and even the FBI had knowledge of him. This appears to be a clear case of authorities, both from the school and law enforcement, having dropped the ball. No new gun laws were needed to prevent this. The System failed and allowed Cruz to slip through its cracks.


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