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Pax Trump, Kim Agrees To DeNuke At Singapore Summit

President Donald J. Trump keeps winning as Kim Jong Un agrees to denuclearization at the historic Singapore Summit! The two met privately, with only interpreters, for one hour, then held a second meeting with key members of each′s staff present. That meeting was only scheduled to last one hour and wound up extended to about 4 and a half hours. After that, President Trump and Chairman Kim signed an agreement, establishing future relationships which will lead to Complete, Verifiable and Irreversible Denuclearization, also now known as CVID. North Korea also promises to return the remains of American and Allied soldiers and provide information on unaccounted for POWs and MIAs from the Korean War.




In the spirit of good will, President Trump announced that upcoming military exercises with South Korea have been canceled. During a press conference which lasted well over an hour, President Trump said that his meeting with Kim Jong Un went much better than expected. A video prepared to demonstrate the potential future for North Korea, prospering once becoming a more Capitalistic nation, impressed Kim and his staff. In addition to dismantling its nuclear weapons, North Korea also promises to dismantle their ballistic missiles, too.


They have already closed down their primary, underground nuclear test site, which had major structural failures recently. They also have shut down a rocket motor test facility. The subject of human rights was not fully touched on, but President Trump is confident that talks on that subject will follow soon. The 4-point document signed by both leaders opens the doors to future negotiations, which may lead to peace on the Korean Peninsula and the region overall.


The Singapore Summit is a triumph of President Donald Trump. His tough rhetoric and even tougher sanctions to maximum pressure on North Korea. Their country was quickly running out of money and time as their people suffered and starved. Future talks will include South Korea, Japan and China. President Trump told Kim Jong Un that he thinks North Korea has great potential, especially in real estate! They have many fine beaches perfect for resorts and condos. Only President Trump could do that! The overall atmosphere appeared to be very warm and friendly. I think we can chalk this one up as a win, and maybe a Noble Peace Prize, too!


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