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PBS Frontline Putin's Revenge, Biased, Shoddy Whitewash

Last night, PBS aired Part 2 of it′s alleged, ′journalistic′ documentary, ″Putin′s Revenge″. For the past two weeks, the Public Broadcasting System has been attempting to build the case justifying the Russia meddling probe into the 2016 elections. One would have hoped for the producers to provide a truly objective examination, giving all sides of the story. However, they instead only gave one side, the pro-Hillary, pro-Obama, Russia-stole-the-election side.




They paraded out the usual gang of numbskulls for our amusement. Obama administration has-beens like Jeh Johnson, Jim Clapper and John Brennan. Along with members of Hillary′s inner circle including John Podesta and Robby Mook, plus members of the Fake News Media from the Washington Post and New York Times. We even got a batch of anti-Putin Russians!


The story line is simple. Vladimir Putin has had a grudge against the United States for decades and was determined to meddle with our democracy to knock us down off our high-horse. The 2016 election gave him a chance to real put the screws to us. All his of perceptions about us are naturally unjustified, just a figment of his own paranoia and contempt.


However, in the process, Frontline actually demonstrated that Putin′s contempt may have been justified after all! That America has been doing quite a bit of meddling of our own over the past couple of decades. Now, I would expect them to do this since the producers are obviously good, Liberal-Progressives who secretly have considerably resentment towards America, too.


Of course, what was missing from the two hours of ′facts′ was how Hillary Clinton bungled her own campaign. How dummies like Podesta and Mook failed in their mission, and vented quite a bit in their emails. Also, how the Barack Obama administration bungled foreign policy. Another major omission was how Russia has always been meddling in our affairs well before the elections. Such as with the Uranium One deal, a story which is well known and should have been mentioned. The fact that Putin has taken advantage of Hillary in the past clearly shows that he had nothing to lose in helping her to win.


The Frontline producers believed everything that our former intelligence chiefs said without question. People who lied constantly as evident in the recent release of the captured Osama bin Ladin files. Prior to President Trump taking office, the CIA only released some 17 files, all of which painted a picture that bin Ladin was not taking an active role in managing Al Qaeda, and that there were no ties between Al Qaeda and Iran. The hundreds of thousands of files now released paint a different picture. There was indeed a close working relationship between Al Qaeda and Iran and bin Ladin was very much running his terrorist group, planning all sorts of things. Even the minutia of crop production at African locations controlled by Al Qaeda.


How odd the timing of this documentary coinciding with Robert Mueller′s first batch of indictments. One almost gets the idea that there was ′collusion′. If the Frontline producers really wanted to demonstrate the total depth of actual Russian meddling in our government and policies, they should have spent some time on the amount of lobbying done with Congress. True, that may be hard since members of Congress are not required to report their meetings with Russian-paid lobbyists from K-Street. But, as we are learning from reports about The Podesta Group and other firms tied to Paul Manafort, Russia appears to be pouring tens of millions of dollars into our political system. Not just $150,000 on Facebook ads.


The PBS Frontline episodes of ″Putin′s Revenge″ was clearly a hit piece against President Donald Trump. The open target may have been Vladimir Putin, but the intended target was to further question the validity of the 2016 election results. There was no mention that not a single vote can be proved to have been swayed by Russia paid ads. Nor even the release of emails, allegedly hacked by Russians. By the way, Julian Assange of Wikileaks still contends that his source was not Russia, and apparently has been showing some Congressmen the proof of this privately. ″Putin′s Revenge″ by PBS Frontline was a very biased and rather shoddy whitewash of what really happened in 2016. To tell the truth of why Trump won would be to acknowledge that enough people were just fed up with Obama and his ′New Normal′.


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