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Project Veritas Unmasks Deep State

by Andrew Zarowny, 9/20/2018


James O′Keefe and his team at Project Veritas are at it again, doing some real journalism! This time they have a series of videos of federal employees bragging about how they are part of the anti-Trump Resistance. The series, called ″Deep State Unmasked″, so far has current employees of the State Department, DOJ, DHHS and the GAO. Each of these characters belongs to the Far-Left political group, Democratic Socialists for America, or DSA. The guy from the Government Accounting Office, Natarajan Subramanian, admitted that he is a Communist who wants to destroy Capitalism. Another member, Allison Hrabar, is a paralegal for the Department of Justice. She was one of the ringleaders who staged an ambush on Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Neilsen. She also assisted a protest at a lobbyists home, using DOJ computers to obtain his address.




The first video features Stuart Karaffa, who works at the State Department. He says, ″Resist everything....I have nothing to lose!″ Again, this guy admitted to a Project Veritas operative with a hidden camera that he is doing whatever he can to obstruct, defy or slow down President Donald Trump, his policies and his agenda. Stuart uses his position at the State Department to spread and organize the DSA. He, like others involved, fear little believing that even if they are caught, its nearly impossible to be fired as a federal employee.


James O′Keefe has notified authorities in the government about what he has uncovered. The DOJ claims that they will investigate these resistance activities by DSA members. Some may recall that the woman running for Congress in New York′s 14th District, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, is a member of the DSA. She is an avowed Socialist, though running on the Democratic Party ticket. So the DSA is a group which needs to be watched carefully, as they are expanding in boldness.


So the New York Times anonymous op ed about there being a resistance group within the bowels of the federal government is true. We already knew that just from all of the leaking that has been going on. Thanks to James O′Keefe and Project Veritas, one faction of this resistance is now clearly identified. Any federal employee with ties to Democratic Socialists for America, DSA, should be scrutinized. They appear to have a very definite agenda and a plan for carrying it out.


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