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Psychic Predictions For 2019

by Andrew Zarowny, 1/1/2019


Happy New Year 2019!!! As with tradition, I like to start of the New Year with some fun and insight, if possible. So, once again we have consulted with our favorite seer, mystic and all-around good-guy, Zarnak The Great, Master of the Tarot. Every January 1, the sage emerges from his meditation chamber, deep in the inner sanctum of his golden pyramid, his robes flowing with magical energy. Zarnak then shuffles his Tarot deck and casts out the cards in the traditional Celtic Cross. He then ′reads′ the cards, or hears them. Zarnak often says that the Tarot is like a jigsaw puzzle, providing pieces of clues from which an enlightened person can unfold the future. Or, merely gain valuable insight to provide guidance. Zarnak claims that sometimes the cards ′talk′ to him, revealing guarded secrets of events from the past, present, and from the future. So, let us see what 2019 has in store for us...




The very first card is the The Hanged Man, in reverse. Crossing over it is the Queen of Swords. The base of the Celtic Cross is The Tower card. Next comes the 8 of Pentacles, or Coins if you prefer. Following it is the 9 of Swords in reverse. Then the 2 of Wands. The last 4 cards, in proper order, are the 9 of Wands, the 2 of Pentacles, Strength and, finally, the Chariot card. So, what does all of this mean?


The Hanged Man in reverse indicates gaining knowledge from unknown or unexpected sources. The Queen of Swords indicates the beginning of a series of actions, some of which may, or may not, result in achieving this goal of knowledge. With the Tower card at the base of the Core, we certainly can be assured of illumination, of insight, either from the successes or failures of future actions. In the recent past, the 8 of Pentacles in reverse tells us that some of the goals we sought were not achieved. The near future, the 9 of Swords in reverse, tells us that what may be unfolding next could be misleading. However, the long-term future trend, the 2 of Wands, predicts an expansion and gains of ideas. Future wisdom is on the move and is building up!


Our inner psyche, the 9 of Wands, means that we are ready and open to new ideas and perceptions. Our outer psyche, how others see us, is the 2 of Pentacles, meaning we are respected for our good works and positive energies. The path before us is Strength, indicating that we will stand firm and resolute despite any objections or obstacles. The final goal or end result is the Chariot, a sign of movement, of progress in achieving our ambitions and agendas.


Since Zarnak the Great knows that we are mostly interested in our national political scene and in President Donald Trump, he interprets The Tarot cards in this fashion. That President Trump has achieved much, but some key agenda items have yet to be fulfilled. His unconventional political style, that more leaning of a pragmatic businessman, has and will continue to be successful. The President has learned from early mistakes, especially in some personnel choices. Some may see future changes and proposals as incorrect, or even as outright mistakes. But do not be fooled! President Trump knows how to adjust to keep winning. And, despite what may seem to be even more obstacles against him than before, 2019 will be a decisive year for his presidency, earning him, and the country, more victories than thought possible!


So have a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2019! I hope you enjoyed the arcane wisdom of Zarnak the Great, Master of the Tarot. His psychic predictions each New Year are also enjoyable and quite insightful. With his deed accomplished, Zarnak now reenters his golden pyramid, retiring to his meditation chamber deep within the pyramid′s inner sanctum. I wonder how good his WiFi is in there? Mine from Xfinity sucks!


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