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Reaction To Donna Brazile, Hillary Clinton, DNC Memo

The past 48 hours has been interesting. Neither ABC, CBS nor NBC News covered the story about the Donna Brazile and Hillary Clinton DNC memo at all on Thursday night. But, by Friday afternoon, the tree began to shake a bit, mostly thanks to President Donald Trump. His tweets and comments to reporters as he departed for his trip to Asia forced the Fake News Media to talk about the story. Add to the mix that over the next week, as Donna Brazile starts making the talk show circuit to promote her new book, ″Hacks″, the general public may awaken. Already, Hillary Clinton supporters have their talking points.




Hillary′s former campaign manager, Robby Mook, who also signed the agreement between the DNC and Hillary For America, is busy spinning. Mook says that we need to ″move on″ from the 2016 elections. He mentions the upcoming governor′s race in Virginia and the 2018 mid-terms. Move on, eh? Does that mean we can ″move on″ from this silly Russia probe, too?


Former State Department liar, Maria ′Barf′ Harf says that what Hillary did was rescue the DNC. She didn′t buy or rent it to seize the nomination. There was nothing underhanded in rigging the primaries so Hillary could breeze through to victory. Hillary bailed out the Democratic National Committee from debt. I′m guessing that Harf thinks Hillary did this wonderful act with her own pocket money. All that Wall Street cash Hillary earned from speaking fees.


We haven′t even gotten into the criticism by Donna Brazile of Barack Obama, who bankrupted the DNC during the 2012 elections. Seems all of that money he raised was for himself, leaving the DNC $24 Million dollars in debt. His plan to pay off the debt was a slow one, not until 2016, when it would be too late. Of course, Hillary Clinton did much the same, with money raised for the DNC actually going to her own campaign instead. I guess this is why the Democratic Party has lost nearly 1,100 elected office seats since 2009. Between Obama and Hillary, they sucked the coffers dry for other candidates in local, state and national elections.


Rush Limbaugh had about the insightful reaction to the Donna Brazile/Hillary Clinton/DNC story. On Friday, Rush pointed out that Brazile′s book, ″Hacks″, is the first from a Democrat which throws shade on Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Clinton Machine, or Crime Family, has been very effective in keeping those in their inner circle quiet. Perhaps from all of those 60-some dead bodies piled up from Little Rock to Fort Marcy Park had something to do with the silence? But now, the Clintons are essentially out of power. They are now vulnerable to attacks from within. Brazile′s new book may be the first of many to more to come. Much like the way we are seeing those who knew about Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and others, the excuse that ′everybody knew′ will no longer work.


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