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Robert Mueller Ethics Complaint

by Andrew Zarowny, 12/4/2018


Best-selling author Dr. Jerome Corsi has filed a legal complaint against Robert Mueller on ethics violations. Corsi claims that Mueller is allegedly trying to force him to lie in the Trump-Russia probe. The lie that Mueller and his witch hunt team of angry Democrats want Corsi to go on the record with pertains to contact with Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. That Corsi, under the direction of Roger Stone, was to make contact with Assange and coordinate the release of John Podesta emails on WikiLeaks with the 2016 Trump campaign. In exchange for telling this lie, Robert Mueller is allegedly prepared to cut Corsi a plea deal on a federal felony charge of lying to Russia probe investigators. Corsi says that he will refuse to cooperate and lie for Mueller, even if it means he will die in a federal prison!




This is not the first time we are seeing such behavior from Mueller and his Russia probe team. They have been dangling plea deals to others be hounded in the probe. Nearly all of the charges made thus far against former members of the 2016 Trump campaign are what many call, ′process crimes′. Namely, of lying to FBI or other federal investigators. George Papodopulous is currently sitting in a federal prison in Wisconsin for precisely this charge. In Corsi′s case, he merely forgot that he had forwarded a text message from Roger Stone to an associate in the UK. The text message dealt with emails from the DNC server published by WikiLeaks in July 2016 showing how Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, then head of the DNC, was rigging the Democrat Presidential Primaries against Sen. Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton.


When investigators called out Corsi on this omission, Corsi was allowed to review his files and then amend his answer. However, the Mueller probe team still held this omission over Corsi′s head as a potential criminal charge. A crime, which if convicted, could put Corsi, now 72, behind bars for up to 5 years. In another case, that against Paul Manafort, it is rumored that the Mueller team is trying to force Manafort into admitting that he had contacted, meeting in person, with Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London three times. Including once in 2016 just before WikiLeaks began publishing the John Podesta emails hacked by a third party.


Federal prosecutor often use such tactics in cases involving terrorists and members of organized crime gangs. Using such tactics against Corsi and Manafort, both in the 70s, in a largely political witch hunt, is quite a stretch of what anyone would call ′JUSTICE′! But, sadly, there seems to be quite a bit of injustice these days from the FBI and DOJ. For example, the FBI last month raided the home of a whistle-blower in the Clinton Foundation Uranium One investigation. Even though as a whistle-blower, who has been cooperating with investigators, is legally entitled to protection from such raids and intrusions. The watchdog group, Judicial Watch, has filed a FIOA request for documents pertaining to the Uranium One probe.


In other news, a report from The Hill now claims that there may have been as many as 6 former members of US, UK intelligence and Obama administration officials who tried to infiltrate the 2016 Trump campaign team. What all of this adds up to is that the Robert Mueller witch hunt must be brought under heel and the DOJ and FBI need to be thoroughly cleaned up. Hopefully, the next Attorney General appointed by President Donald Trump will do just that. Only then will we have serious investigations in other agencies, like the CIA and State Department, for wrong doing during the Barack Obama administration.


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