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Rush Limbaugh Calls Marie Harf Ignorant, I Agree

I chuckled well yesterday listening to Rush Limbaugh bash Fox News Liberal contributor Marie Harf. He called her ″ignorant″ and I agree! She IS ignorant! Very ignorant!!! I will even go a step further and say that she is a brainwashed lunatic. Which explains why she is so ignorant. Harf was a spokesperson for the State Department during the Barack Obama administration. I often referred to her as Marie ′Barf′, as all she did was to regurgitate whatever talking points her superiors handed her. I doubt if she ever uttered one truthful word while on the federal payroll. Harf is a classic example of how Ayn Rand would describe such imbeciles as, ″they don′t know and they don′t know that they don′t know.″




Sure, Marie Harf went to college and has a degree in something. This harkens me back to one of my favorite films, ″F Is For Fake″ by Orson Welles. Welles ought to know about how to be a faker, he faked out the whole country into thinking we were being invaded by Martians! The heart of the film deals with the subject of experts and how valuable their opinions truly are. ZERO! Welles explores the world of art forgery, as well as a phony biography about the mysterious Howard Hughes. In both cases, experts prove that they cannot prove anything. Fertile soil for a faker like Orson Welles! Remarkably, the only honest participant in the film is Welles, himself, and he tells you at the start that he will only tell the truth for the first hour, leaving him a good 30 minutes to do a little lying of his own. Only he could pull something like that off!


I have to say, I was very disappointed when Fox News hired Marie Harf. They have a stable of ding-dong Liberal pundits to add commentary on issues. Why her? She is not very convincing at all. Even Bob Beckell or Juan Williams occasionally, or accidentally, would say something halfway rational from time to time. Harf has been on FNC for about a year or so now and has yet to cross even that thin line! Her one big claim to fame was telling Chris Matthews on MSNBC that the way to stop ISIS terrorists was to give them jobs. So, way to go, Rush Limbaugh, for publicly exposing Marie Harf as an ignorant fool before your national audience. I suspect the main reason Fox News hired Harf is because she is a curvy blonde and not for any flashes of insight.


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