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Rush Limbaugh Hits Grand Slam On Helsinki Reaction

by Andrew Zarowny, 7/18/2018


Rush Limbaugh had one of his best shows yesterday! Most of his radio broadcast dealt with the insane reaction to the Trump-Putin press conference at the Helsinki Summit. The entire Beltway Establishment, along with the Fake News Media, has had a cow over what was said by the leaders of the United States and Russia. Mostly going supernova over the remarks by President Donald Trump. He has been called everything from being a disgrace to a traitor, and the summit being regarded as a surrender if not even a second Kristallnatch or Pearl Harbor! But, Rush Limbaugh explained it all, as only he could.



Yes, President Trump did clarify one word of one sentence he uttered during the Helsinki press conference. At the request of Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo, the President explained that he reviewed the transcript and that he made a slight error. He meant to say that he doesn′t see why Russia ″wouldn′t″ meddle instead than his actual use of the word ″would″. He did not want to be accused of using a double negative. This ″admission″ may quiet some critics in the Republican Party, but it will not satisfy Democrats, the Fake News Media, nor the Washington Insiders.


Rush Limbaugh explained the reaction simply and logically. Had President Trump fully accepted the notion of Russian meddling in the 2016 elections, his enemies would have connected it as an admission to collusion as well. Mind you, the President has said many times before that Russia did meddle. Just as he has said many times that there never was any collusion with the Russians by his campaign staff. But the Fake News Media and the rest of the Trump-Haters refuse to separate these two positions.


Furthermore, Rush explained that even admitting to meddling might infer that President Trump′s election was illegitimate. This is why at the Helsinki press conference, President Trump did make those very same points. That there never was any collusion and that the reason he won was because he out worked his opponents. This was like rubbing salt in the wounds of the Fake News Media and the other Trump Haters. He defeated 16 GOP candidates and Hillary Clinton fair and square. He even brought up the Electoral College during the presser, another sore point for the Liberal-Progressives who hate the U.S. Constitution.


Rush went on to state that he fully believes President Donald Trump and trusts him. Rush then pondered that he is not sure whom else to believe and trust anymore in Washington? I agree! You cannot trust any of these bastards! Rand Paul is the only U.S. Senator who defended President Trump on the Helsinki Summit. Yet another sign that these Trump and Paul share many things, including a healthy skepticism for the Establishment.


The reaction to Helsinki does not surprise me, as I wrote in my two previous articles. The ″Old Order″ is never going to accept President Trump. Gold coins could rain down across America and they will still hate him. What really put the cherry on top of their Hate Sundae was when Vladimir Putin chimed in. Putin brought up the meddling by George Soros, and offered Robert Mueller access to the 12 Russian intelligence officers (all of whom, by the way, are presumed innocent until proven guilty) in exchange for Russian access to the U.S. intelligence officers who helped billionaire Bill Browder allegedly spirited $400 Million dollars out of Russia into the Hillary Clinton campaign! That was hysterical!


As I said the last couple of articles, the Fake News Media will never recover any credibility thanks to their hyper-negative treatment of President Donald Trump. Something else Rush Limbaugh mentioned yesterday, too! All of this Trump hatred is actually increasing his popularity and strengthening his base of support. The Fake News Media, the Democratic Party and the Beltway Establishment are collectively slitting their own throats with their hyper-hatred. With all due respect to Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo, they need to believe in and trust President Donald Trump as much as Rush Limbaugh and myself. The world would be a far better place if they did!


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