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Schools Ban Best Friends

There is now a growing trend in schools across America, Canada, the UK and Europe to ban best friends. According to psychologist Dr. Barbara Greenberg in an article in US News & World Report, this is a good thing! She claims that the practice of having best friends is ″dreadfully exclusionary″. Greenberg, a practicing child and family psychologist, believes that children need to have broad social circles and not become dependent on ″obsessive friendships″. However, a study by the University of Virginia runs counter to this. Those with long-term, childhood best friendships result in becoming adults with more self esteem and greater emotional stability than those without such friendships. Should our school systems be banning best friends?




For decades now, we have seen our school system ′dumb-down′ the curriculum being taught to children. Even colleges and universities have been engaged in this. The amount of utter nonsense children are being exposed to in schools has reached a point of lunacy. The idea that children should be indoctrinated not to have best friends is just the latest step in reducing our population to brain-dead robots.


The goal of all of this is to discourage, and eliminate, individual achievement. Grading systems are abolished because they are deemed too prejudiced and unfair. Even math classes must be designed to promote social justice. School athletic programs may not issue awards or even keep score because it may offend somebody. Pass and failure have been replaced by mere participation. Children are taught to trust ′The State′ more so than their own parents.


Yes, our education systems have been completely overrun by do-gooders who seek to prepare children for a life of living under tyranny. You may question your parents but do not question the central authority of The State. Children are the property of ′The Village′, not members of a family. Cloward and Piven would be proud as would Saul Alinsky. The very fabric of American Society, let alone Western Civilization, has been disrupted, if not on the verge of total destruction!


We recently witnessed the complete meltdown of college-aged, ′Snowflake′ students requiring therapy puppies and coloring books to deal with the election of President Donald Trump. Can you imagine how this bunch would have handled real hardships like the Great Depression and World War Two? That generation has just about died off. In another 20 years, most of the Baby Boomers will begin their one-way trip to the graveyard. Society by then will be largely run by robots and AI systems as the remaining humans are just plain, too stupid.


I always seem to have to revisit that important book by Elmer Pendell, ″Why Civilizations Self-Destruct″. Can you imagine George Washington issuing therapy puppies at Valley Forge? Or Allied troops on the beaches of Normandy choosing to crayon their way through coloring books rather than defeat Nazi Germany? Pendell tells us that historically, most societies only last about 7 to 9 generations. Some don′t even last that long! Ancient Greece flirted with democracy for barely one generation before descending into tyranny, followed by apathy. After their fellow Macedonians polished off the Persian Empire, Greek culture was reduced to a souvenir shop for Romans.


While I love President Donald Trump and believe he will ′Make America Great Again′, I am realistic enough to understand that he will probably only buy us about 20 years of prosperity at best. That is about how long our good fortunes lasted after Ronald Reagan. Between our declining education system and increasing debt burden, along with other factors, the sand is running out of our society′s hourglass. The current crop of Millennials coming of age these days do not impress me! Maybe we′ll do better after ′The Great Culling′. The next society to emerge after this one collapses might finally take us to the stars and beyond.


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