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Socialism Popular Again

by Andrew Zarowny, 8/14/2018


A new Gallup poll shows that Democratic Party voters approve of Socialism 57% while only approving Capitalism 47%. What may be even more shocking is that 16% of GOP voters approve of Socialism, an increase of 3 points since the last such poll in 2016. Obviously, these are the Globalist, RINO, Never-Trumpers. For Democrats, their approval of Socialism has actually declined 1 point since 2016, while their approval of Capitalism has dropped 9 points. Meanwhile, Republicans have gone up 3 points in approving Capitalism since 2016 to 71%. So what is the difference between Socialism and Capitalism?



Yes, the above picture describes the difference well. But more to the point, Socialism is all about The State controlling markets and the means of production. With Capitalism, individuals are in charge of both. With Socialism, The State limits the choices you have. Under Capitalism, a free market provides you with as many choices as it can sustain. Socialism uses brute force, including murder, to control the population. Under Capitalism, a self-governing body of The People determine The Law that keeps society functional.


Socialism and Capitalism are polar opposites, politically and morally. Yet, many in our society, especially in The Media and in Academe, romanticize about Socialism, painting it as a fair and just system. Some view Socialism as just a safety net of goods and services, like free food, housing, healthcare and education. The cost of these services demand that The State forcibly confiscates the income citizens earn through their hard work. To sacrifice themselves as slaves for the good of society as a whole.


The same groups in The Media and Academe paint Capitalism as evil. A world of greedy rich who steel for their own lust. These groups ignore the true history of both economic and political systems. Socialism has been directly responsible for the deaths of over 100 Million people during the 20th Century. During the same period, Capitalism has liberated more than a Billion people from slavery and poverty. The choice, which is what Capitalism is all about, is quite clear. So why do so many choose so poorly?


Much of the blame comes from the lies told by educators in Academe and by actors and news reporters in The Media. President Donald Trump is absolutely correct when he calls members of the Fake News Media the ″enemies of the American People″. The lies they tell have serious consequences, often leading to death, suffering and even economic slavery. So, too, are the lies spouted by pro-Socialist college professors and others in our education system. If President Trump is incorrect about anything, it is the fact that these liars are actually the enemies of ALL people, including non-Americans!


So do not be fooled! Under Capitalism, we are headed for an Age of Abundance. A time where basic needs will be extremely affordable, perhaps even free, thanks to automation, innovation and other technologies. To turn towards Socialism is a step backwards. Venezuela is a classic example. A country with one of the richest oil resources has become a basket-case of mass poverty and hopelessness. The direct result of their thinking that Socialism would cure its ills. Instead, it has only made their situation and lives far worse.


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