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The New York Times Exposes Operation Crossfire Hurricane

The New York Times, that leader of the vast, Right-wing conspiracy, published a rather damning article about the FBI and its war against Donald Trump. The operation code-named Crossfire Hurricane, after a Rolling Stones tune, began ″within hours″ after the FBI exonerated Hillary Clinton in July, 2016. Agents, including Peter Strzok, were sent to England and met with Australian Ambassador Alexander Downer. He told the agents about his meeting with George Papadopolous, which we now know was probably arranged by Cambridge Professor Stefan Halper. The NY Times left out that detail, though they did allude to it. Some suspect that the ′Gray Lady′ of American journalism published this story about how the whole Trump-Russia collusion investigation began to cushion the blow about to be delivered by the DOJ Inspector General.




I suppose you cannot blame the NY Times for trying to cover their asses. While they have been leading the way in boosting The Resistance efforts against President Trump with Fake News, from time to time they have trickled out some honest news. Yesterday′s article was certainly an example of this. The report from Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department Inspector General, is due out shortly. Given what we have been gleaning from earlier revelations from the DOJ IG, it appears highly likely that the report will be extremely harsh on how the FBI and DOJ under James Comey and Loretta Lynch white-washed the Hillary Clinton email probe.


There has also been an ever increasing stream of facts coming out about the shadiness of the Trump-Russia probe. A matter which Horowitz is now also investigating. If the Horowitz report shows the FBI and DOJ being corrupt and dishonest on the Hillary Clinton case, then it stands to reason that they are also probably guilty of the same abuse of power in the Trump-Russia probe. Thus, it is suspected that some within the FBI and DOJ went to the NY Times to tell their side of the story in hopes of of getting some ″Sympathy For The Devil″.


According to the NY Times, Operation Crossfire Hurricane began exactly 100 days before the 2016 elections. Now, their time line may be a tad off, given what we have been learning. For example, the article yesterday claims that the FBI to treat their investigation into the Trump campaign more seriously after former CIA Director John Brennan shared some intelligence with James Comey in mid August, 2016. However, many suspect, as do I, that the plot to try to frame members of the Trump campaign with colluding with the Russians probably started much earlier. Perhaps sometime in or before April, 2016. This would coincide with Stefan Halper inviting George Papadopolous to London.


If this were a Tom Clancy spy novel, the likely scenario would be Brennan recruiting Halper for his role in sabotaging the Trump campaign prior to the invitation to Papadopolous. What else would explain the invite in the first place? Papadopolous was a NOBODY! A low-level, junior volunteer to the Trump campaign, seeking some resume building and maybe a cushy job in a Trump administration. The guy′s only foreign policy experience was participating in some mock United Nations exercises in high school and college. No, the more likely case is that Papadopolous was targeted by Brennan as an easy mark. A perfect patsy for Halper to sway and frame.


Three others were also targeted in Operation Crossfire Hurricane. Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort and Carter Page. Brennan, and possibly Comey, knew that Flynn and Manafort had some dealings with Russia. They both certainly had known about Carter Page after an earlier investigation on his Russian connections in 2013. Then we had Fusion GPS and the hiring of Christopher Steele in June of 2016. The ′dirty dossier′ by Steele began being floated around the end of June. As we all know now, that effort was entirely sponsored by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC.


The most active period for Operation Crossfire Hurricane was probably between September and early October, just weeks before the 2016 elections. FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page had already seemingly convinced former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe that an ′insurance plan′ was needed just in case Candidate Donald Trump actually won the election. By this time period, the Steele document was essentially adopted by the FBI and was used to secure the FISA surveillance warrants. However, by the end of October, the FBI no real evidence of any collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. They still don’t, even after re-energizing their investigation after the election. Now, the whole mess is about to blow up in their faces, thus leading the New York Times to cover their asses for the role they have played in providing highly biased, fake news to support the anti-Trump Resistance.


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