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Trump Arrives At Davos

This morning, President Donald J. Trump arrives at Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. There, he will preach from his gospel of economic nationalism to political and business leaders. America first, but not alone. A simple message that redirects the course of history for many past decades. Under the leadership of President Trump, the United States has experienced an economic resurgence, unlike any ever seen before. Even Ronald Reagan had a rough first year in office as the nation needed time to unwind from the stagflation of the Carter Years. But President Trump took the bull by the horns immediately, negotiating deals with companies before being sworn into office. Bringing jobs back into America and instilling a new sense of optimism.




The pay off has so far been staggering! Stock markets have been busting new record highs every week, practically every three or four days. The Dow Jones Industrial Averages set yet another record high yesterday afternoon, the 98th since Trump was elected! The S&P500 broke a new record high, too, the 84th since Trump took office a year ago. Over $7 TRILLION dollars of equity growth has enriched investors, including American workers seeing more than a 25% increase in their 401K portfolios in 2017.


On ′Main Street′, our economy is also booming. The Gross Domestic Product, or GPD, increased 3.2% in 2017, a number which will probably be adjusted upward. A significant improvement over the anemic average of just 1.8% per year during the the dismal era of the ′New Normal′ of Barack Obama. Job creation has been brisk, with over 1.7 Million new jobs created in 2017, the majority being full-time jobs. During the Obama administration, nearly 70% of the alleged 8 million jobs he claimed to have created were temporary, part-time jobs. Wages have also begun to climb under President Trump, reversing another trend which has existed for 25 years or more.


Much of this economic growth has been due to President Trump rescinding over 1,000 federal regulations which were put in place, mostly by Obama, that were strangling American enterprise. During the 2016 campaign, then Candidate Trump promised to eliminate 2 federal regulations for each new one added. During 2017, the actual ratio was 22 eliminated for each new one. Never before has so much red-tape been done away with, freeing our economic engine to roar back to life!


Now, with the new tax cuts and reforms, we are beginning to see even more gains. Within hours of the tax bill being passed, about five companies began announcing bonus checks to employees and reinvestment. About 200 have joined them since in the past month. Probably the biggest news was when Apple announced that they will take advantage of the new repatriation tax and bring back to America some $250 Billion dollars of cash banked overseas, and committing to spending some $350 Billion in the United States over the next 5 years. Apple will pay some $36 Billion in repatriation taxes to the federal government as they build a new campus, new factories and hire some 20,000 new employees!


The message President Donald Trump will tell the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland is that America is open for business again! That we intend to reclaim the titles as the most vibrant and strongest economy in the world. The United States will be ready to trade with other nations and people, provided that it is fair and beneficial to both them and us. Gone are the days of being trade chumps, getting walked all over by negotiators from other nations, leaving us disadvantaged. The goal of all future trade deals will be for both sides to win and benefit. Some countries may not like this new, kick-butt attitude, but they better get used to it. For far too long we have played the patsy, getting our sheets shorted. Under President Donald Trump, the wise move for the world′s leaders and business owners is to wake up and smell the coffee. Once they do that, everybody will win and get along just fine!


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