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Trump Busy Memomrial Day Weekend

There was little time for recreation for President Donald J. Trump this Memorial Day weekend. While others enjoyed BBQs and family outings, our President had a full plate of work. He began on Friday giving the commencement address to graduating cadets at the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland. Before flung officer hats returned to Earth, there was positive news that the Singapore Summit with North Korea may be back on! Three Americans were dispatched to the DMZ between North and South Korea to meet with officials. On Saturday, Joshua Holt, an American held hostage by the Venezuelan government, was released and met with the President at the White House. Holt, a missionary from Utah, was arrested two years ago while visiting Venezuela to marry his fiance. The Maduro government claimed that Holt and his new bride were stockpiling weapons to overthrow the government. This was nonsense, and Holt became the 17th American freed by a hostile power since the election of Donald Trump.




On Sunday, the President did have some free time for a little Twitter action, posting a series of six tweets against Democrats and The Media over Spygate. This came as more evidence mounts that the FBI and DOJ under the Barack Obama administration tried to infiltrate and sabotage the 2016 Trump presidential campaign, a political scandal far bigger than Watergate. There were also more calls by White House surrogates for Robert Mueller to end his witch hunt quickly.


On Monday, President Trump observed Memorial Day by placing the ceremonial wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers. More details came out over how the renewed talks with North Korea are going, as well. The President was also kept apprised over the damage caused by Tropical Storm Alberto along the Gulf Coast, the volcano in Hawaii and flash-flooding in Maryland. In the evening, President Trump had a phone conversation with Japan′s President Abe on the North Korea talks. He will visit with Abe before any potential meeting with Kim Jong Un. Early this morning, it was announced that a North Korean official is flying to the United States for high-level talks on the upcoming, historic summit.


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