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Trump Cancels North Korea Summit

Yesterday, President Donald J. Trump canceled the upcoming summit with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. The President sent Kim a letter, written in true, Trumpian style. He both admonished Kim and still left the door open for future talks. Critics immediately attacked our President for being erratic. But, as we have seen before, the Trump-style of negotiating is one based on strength, and letting his opponent know that he will walk away if it is to his advantage. Some suspect that it may be the influence of China on North Korea which has caused this recent communication breakdown.




About two weeks ago, North Korea began getting feisty after a second meeting between Kim and Chinese dictator Xi. It was after their first meeting when North Korea began sounding reasonable and sought for peace. But, after the second meeting, Kim′s government began sending conflicting messages. His foreign minister has personally attacked White House National Security Advisor John Bolton and most recently, Vice President Mike Pence. Not exactly a wise course of action to curry favor with President Trump.


Then, last weekend, a scheduled meeting in Singapore to hammer out arrangements never happened. The North Korean delegation were no-shows. The American delegation left after waiting three, full days. This move set off a warning signal that something was not smelling right. The last thing President Trump wanted was to show up in Singapore on June 12 and get stiffed by Kim Jong Un. So, yesterday′s cancellation could be seen as a preemptive strike by President Trump to prevent being publicly embarrassed by Kim. Our President suspects that China′s dictator for life Xi may be behind recent events and called Xi out for it.


Strength, and time, are on our side. The President is now looking to tighten the sanctions on North Korea even further. Things are already very bad over there and getting much worse. Experts say that North Korea will run out of hard currency, needed to make foreign purchases, by October. Their supplies of petroleum-based fuel and coal are very low. The food situation there is long past critical. Recent intelligence reports indicate that food rations for many high-ranking military and government officials have been reduced. Recent deserters have been found with parasites, indicating that North Korea is using human feces as fertilizer in their agriculture. This is not a very good situation!


While the June 12 date for a summit between the United States and Korea may be canceled, I suspect that the two nations will eventually meet, and sooner rather than later at that! North Korea is facing national disasters on many fronts. The sealing off of their underground nuclear testing facilities does little to stop a potentially larger problem of a nearby volcano exploding radioactive dust and lava across the region. To some observers, North Korea is sitting on a Chernobyl-like catastrophe, waiting to happen. Their people have been starving for years and the food situation is only getting worse. If Kim cannot even feed is mid and upper-level managers, his own grip on power may soon slip through his chubby fingers.


So, President Donald Trump was correct in canceling the North Korea summit. Kim Jong Un has several ticking time bombs to deal with. He needs our help and needs it soon. President Trump will take full advantage of this predicament of Kim′s. North Korea must comply to our terms. They must release all international hostages before any summit with us. Kim will also have to publicly guarantee that he will show up. Like it or not, we hold all of the cards. President Trump knows this and will use our cards to secure every advantage he can.


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