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Trump Demands Probe On FBI Informant

President Donald J. Trump is demanding, officially today, that an investigation be launched into the FBI, DOJ use of an informant inside his 2016 presidential campaign. As I and others have been writing about, the American professor at Cambridge, Stefan Halper, was allegedly attempting to entrap George Papadopolous and Carter Page as part of a scheme to connect the Trump campaign with the Russian government meddling in the elections. There are many indications of this, such as Halper having invited both men to London well before the November elections for various projects and seminars. There are allegations that Halper may have been paid by the FBI for this effort to the tune of between $200,000 to $400,000.




Even Mark Penn, a former Clinton operative, has now published an article in The Hill demanding that the Robert Mueller investigation be suspended. He lists some of the more flagrant reasons why the Russia probe is tainted beyond any credibility. The Daily Caller is reporting that Stefan Halper may have also been working with the Mueller team on that investigation. What had started out as a plan to derail the Trump presidential campaign has now turned into an attempt to force Trump out of office and create a constitutional crisis.


So forget about Russian meddling in the 2016 elections. Each passing day reveals more evidence that our own government was meddling in our own elections! That perhaps in addition to the FBI and DOJ, the CIA and other federal agencies and institutions may have been involved. Surely, in such a case, the Barack Obama administration must also have been involved. If they weren′t, then they are at least guilty of gross incompetence to allow such activity to take place under their noses.


Should all off this be true, and the evidence seems to indicate that it is, the what took place in 2016 goes way beyond the whole Watergate affair. This may turn out to be the biggest political scandal in American history, and a grave threat to our entire democracy. In lesser nations, we would expect to see the streets filled with thousands of protesters. Instead, the only people who are actually rioting and acting violent are those who are in a backhanded way supporting the new police state actions by the previous administration.


Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who so far has a rather dubious accounting in this matter, has agreed to expand DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz′s probe into probable FISA warrant abuse by the FBI and DOJ to look into the informant and other potential abuses of power in the Russia probe. Horowitz just completed his report on the investigation of the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Early indicators are that it is very critical of many top officials of both the FBI and DOJ. That there may be several criminal referrals.


I am happy to see that there is now some real progress in resolving this mess. Everyday brings us closer to the real truth, that it was our own FBI, not the Russians, who tried to meddle in the elections and were busy after the people voted to change the outcome. Also, I am happy that more and more people are waking up to the fact that the biggest threat to our democracy now is Robert Mueller and his sham of a probe. One day, soon, our nation may be well rid of these scoundrels as they are arrested, tried and convicted. When that day comes, America may have a chance at remaining a republic based on liberty.


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